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Welcome to Proper News Time’s Contributor Hub!

Is the digital world something you care about? Would you like to share your insights and experiences? Proper News Time, a dynamic platform where your voice matters, is looking for contributors. We ensure that both parties have a rewarding experience and a seamless collaboration by following our guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Informative and Complete Content:

Write well-researched, comprehensive articles that are at least 800 words long. Dive into topics related to social media, the digital world, or any other relevant topics.

2. Originality and Relevance:

Provide original and relevant content that is aligned with Proper News Time’s digital focus. Avoid duplicate content and ensure that your submission is exclusive to Proper News Time.

3. High-Quality English:

Maintain a high standard of language proficiency and write clear, error-free articles that are accessible to a wide audience.

4. Visual Appeal:

Incorporate images, tables, and infographics in your content to encourage reader engagement. Images, tables, and infographics make your content visually appealing and easy to understand.

5. Readability Optimization:

To improve overall readability, use bold and italic formatting judiciously to emphasize key points and create a smooth flow of information.

6. Original Images:

Add your own or royalty-free images to your contribution. Avoid using images or screenshots that belong to others without their consent.

7. Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to optimize your website for search engines. This includes using proper headings, meta descriptions, and optimizing images.

8. Exclusive Content:

Make sure that your submission is exclusive to Proper News Time, fostering a sense of uniqueness for our readers.

9. Internal and External Linking:

For authoritative information, use outbound links judiciously. Include good internal links on our site and reference relevant previous blogs.

How to Submit:

Ready to share your insights? Send your completed article, along with the accompanying image and relevant details, to [email protected]. We look forward to collaborating with you and amplifying your voice within our vibrant digital community.

Join us in exploring the ever-evolving digital landscape at Proper News Time!