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Proper News Time is letting people share their work with us– let them be budding writers or professionals willing to get their websites ranked – and have a share of its readers from around the world. Although few, there are strict parameters that the writers have to go through.

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Before that, we’ll share important information that’ll equip you with enough arsenal to conquer this general writing dimension. Let’s first look at the steps that a budding writer has to go through.

  • Step 1: Writing (quality)
  • Step 2: Guest Posting
  • Step 3: Acquiring Opportunities

Categories We Covered For Write For Us General Niche:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Home Improvement
  • How To
  • Latest
  • Lifestyle/Fashion
  • News
  • Real Estate
  • Social Media
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel & More

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Your content must be original and relevant to the topic. You must make it accessible for readers and the comprehension should be smooth enough.
  • Your articles can only be of high quality and in good English language.
  • Content can be 500-1700 words long, although we’ll allow longer copies.
  • Your keywords should be medium-tailed.
  • To increase the accessibility you can add images, tables, infographics, headings/subheadings (must have), and good use of Bold and Italic.
  • The images you use should be owned by you or royalty-free. You can’t use images that are owned by someone else, someone’s unconsented images, or your brand’s screenshots.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines should be kept in mind.
  • The readability should be optimized and the proper use of headings is advised.
  • The article shouldn’t be posted anywhere else.
  • Use good internal linking after researching our prior blogs relevant to that topic and use authoritative outbound links when needed.

How to Submit Your Work?

If you have evaluated your article on all the above-mentioned standards then send us the drafts at [email protected] and our editorial team will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you wrote an article before reading this; we suggest you make changes to your already done article according to the rules we have mentioned above and forward it to us.

You can also visit: ClickToWrite.com

You can include a short pitch with your drafts and include relevant images, infographics, listicles, etc. Make your content readable and accessible to everyone. Once we see you as a potential guest writer, we’ll get back to you for any changes or suggestions if we have any.