4 Great Reasons To Choose Dodo NBN Plans For Your Digital Marketing Business

It’s hard to achieve the ultimate success in business these days without taking advantage of technology and the internet. And by internet we mean fast and reliable connectivity. For all things internet, the NBN is definitely the answer to every business operator’s needs. And yet, with the availability of all types of plans and deals offered by around a hundred providers, how would you choose the NBN plan that works best for your digital marketing business?

Well, for the sake of this discussion, first off, let’s level our understanding of the term ‘digital marketing’. Experts define it simply as promoting services and products with the use of digital technologies. This could be done by way of social media, smartphones and other digital devices made possible through internet connections. Secondly, this broad term embraces concepts like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, among others.

Why Choose Dodo NBN Plans for Digital Marketing?

Now, think of how you, as a business owner, can get the most out of your chosen NBN plan. For all those ideas mentioned above, clearly, Dodo NBN plans can provide all of your needs. Here’s why:

1. Speeds, Plans and Prices

Dodo has 2 great plans with super speeds to offer – NBN50 and NBN100 Unlimited Plans.  As the name implies, both plans come with unlimited data suited for online gaming, high-definition video streaming, video conferencing and so much more. While NBN50 plans cost $75 per month, the NBN100 plans – $85 a month. Interestingly, the NBN50 Unlimited plans are contract-free. And with the NBN100 Unlimited Plans, you can have multiple players playing at the same time, good if your business is along the lines of online gaming.

2. Data

Your business surely needs a lot of data. Well, you can never go wrong when you opt for Dodo’s Unlimited Plans with energy and internet bundles, specifically its Fetch TV bundles. Talk to your agent if you might be eligible for the telco’s offer of a $100 discount bundling your energy and internet plans together.

3. Affordability

Undoubtedly, Dodo NBN Unlimited Plans are one of the best and most affordable in Australia. To get a good idea, check out the comparison of different plans and deals from the various providers at Compare Broadband.

 4. Track Record

Known to be among the most recognised cost-effective Internet Service Providers around Australia, Dodo, a subsidiary of Vodafone, is based in Melbourne. With such a prestigious background, users can’t expect anything but sheer excellence in home phone and mobile services, quality internet deals and above all, the capacity to cater to every business needs with the widest range of internet plans being offered.

Having problems connecting with the NBN? Worry not. Dodo will assist you with a fast and hassle-free set up for your NBN connection. Whatever your internet needs are, the telco has a variety of plans that can match your budget and requirements. For instance, you have these options – plans with data caps, unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines, roaming options plus a lot more.

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