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5 Things to Look for When Buying Meat

At present, the importance of having a proper meal with the right ingredients has become notably crucial. Among the various options that help make a balanced meal, meat is an important element for non-vegetarians. It consists of muscle-building proteins, nutrients, B12 vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and much more. To learn more about beef butchers please visit Peter Bouchier.

However, an important aspect to note here is that bad quality meat could act completely opposite. It may cause a stomach upset or something more chronic. Also, there are a few aspects that must be considered to look for fresh meat. Listed below are some of the things that you must consider. 

Check for the meat’s Texture 

To assess the quality of the meat, looking for its texture can tell you a lot about its quality. By touching and feeling the texture, you can decide if the meat is good enough. For instance, red meat should not be watery when cut. Also, it should not be falling off the bones. Similarly, in the case of poultry, the surface must be firm and fibers should be easily evident. Your fingers should stay dry and the meat should not feel slimy. Also, never should it be translucent; if so, the meat is not fresh. 

Look for the Color of the Meat 

A piece of red meat must be bright red in appearance. In the case of vacuum packaging, it might be a little brownish. Also, it is safe to purchase and store in a refrigerator. Poultry meat is generally light pink or white in appearance. Beware of any greenish spots. Also, poultry animals should not have any blood clots or bruises. 

Assess the Smell of the Meat 

The meat smell can tell you a lot about how fresh the meat is. No matter what type, stale meat has a pungent or strong odor. Red meat generally has a goat or lamb odor. Poultry meat has a mild odor. In case poultry meat has a too strong odor, it might not be fresh enough to consume. 

Choose Meat without Skin 

Although many people prefer meat with skin for taste purposes, it is important to avoid it for health reasons. Skinless meat allows you to get rid of saturated fats and calories that eventually lead to several issues related to weight and heart problems. Eating skinless meat ensures you get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins. 

Trace the meat source 

In the present times, given that contamination is widely prevalent, it becomes necessary to check where the meat comes from. Check for the farm, town, and state from which the meat has been packaged. Also, buy the label of packaged meats. The ancestry of the animal could tell a lot about the quality of the meat. 


Meat products are quite widely consumed all over the globe. For health reasons, it becomes important to assess its quality before buying one. There are many factors that could determine the quality of the same. However, it is important to have a good amount of knowledge of the various characteristics that need to be assessed. Choose the meat only after being completely sure about its quality. 

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