5 Tips For Selecting The outstanding granny flats builder in Sydney

5 Tips For Selecting The Outstanding Granny Flats Builder in Sydney

If you’ve taken the decision for building a granny apartment The following step will be to choose whom you will choose to complete the task. How do you choose the most effective builders of granny flats? It is vital it is that you select a outstanding granny flats builder in Sydney like Granny Flat Solutions to finish the building.

Granny flats

As with everything, you have be aware that not all granny flat builders are alike or built according to the same requirements. Certain companies aren’t licensed builders, and they are only performing the role of project manager.

Five suggestions to help you select the top Granny Flat builders

Below, we will discuss the you should consider when selecting the ideal granny flat construction business to complete your project! All the points are taken into consideration after thorough research and after consulting various home owners as well as home builders. 

Get the license

Contact the granny flat business to inquire whether they are licensed builders and request your license. It is also possible to conduct an online check of your license at the Fair Trading website. Having the license is very important as if any builder is not having it, then it means he may be not qualified for the job, or must have some suspicious activity under his belt. 

Get good references

Get references as well as a list of projects completed to determine which ones are the best Granny Flat builders to build your particular project. If you can, ask whether you’re allowed to visit the completed granny flat to examine the build quality.

Analyze if they’re aware of the rules pertaining to HTML0.

  • Make sure whether the company that is building the granny flat is aware of the rules that are in NSW Legislation that allow granny flats with the process of obtaining a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?
  • Do they know there’s an absolute minimum block size of 12m? Not just that the block has to exceed 450 sqm?
  • Do they know that there are three distinct boundaries offset requirements based on block size?
  • If they are unable to find the answers to these questions, they’re probably not well-versed in building granny flats.

Check that the website of your company is informative and professional. If they don’t have a professional site or have all the information you require regarding the company and its products, you should check if they’ll be professional when it comes time to design.

Examine the details of the quote. Be sure to examine “apples for apples” when reviewing quotes from various companies. Some companies will quote only the essentials and will leave out items like the vital service connections in order to make their prices appear less expensive when compared to their competition. When you take a close look at the most affordable price and calculate prices of”gaps “gaps” you find the company’s final price could be more expensive than other firms that included everything in the initial price. Visit our Ultimate guide to granny flat costs to find out more!

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