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6 Lifestyle Changes that Help Keep You Healthy

If you want to lead an incredibly healthy Lifestyle Changes. But don’t have extra time to spare for the gym. You’re certainly not alone. What if you could get in better shape. Burn extra calories. And create healthy habits without traditional exercise? Yes—it’s possible! Just start by adding a few simple and fun hobbies to your routine that will enhance your overall health. The best part about these hobbies is that they give you great benefits without making you feel like you’re doing mundane “exercise.”

Our bodies are run by a system of incredibly complex processes that keep each other in balance. At the microscopic level. Your health is, in part, a result of a carefully choreographed dance between your molecules.   

When the steps are followed precisely, molecules work in concert to help keep you healthy. Like a line dance gone awry, though, if one molecule slides to the left while the other slides to the right, crashes are inevitable.  

Enter free radicals, the molecules with the potential to crash your party, if left to their own devices. 

You’ve probably heard of free radicals. They’re often connected with aging skin, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more, but what are they, really? And how can they be stopped?  

We talked with registered dietitian Anthony DiMarino, RD, for an easy-to-follow explanation of free radicals and what you can do about them.  

What are free radicals? 

Essentially, free radicals are unstable molecules looking for a dance partner. 

Molecules are, in part, made up of electrons. Those electrons usually come in even numbers. But free radicals have an odd number of electrons. And they’re not happy about it.  

“Free radicals are missing an electron from their outer shell. That makes them unstable, so they go and steal an electron from the molecules in your skin cells, or from your blood cells or from wherever they can. That causes damage to surrounding cells,” DiMarino explains.  

Your body will thank you. Read on to learn about these simple hobbies that will help you lead an incredibly healthy lifestyle. And next up, don’t miss 

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Nobody wants to get sick. It is our constant goal to stay healthy. Although eating healthy food and exercising regularly are prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle, many other factors can help you avoid sickness. Anjali, a nutritionist, says that reducing stress and regulating your diet can prevent you from getting sick more often. Mukherjee shared six Lifestyle Changes suggestions to help you avoid getting sick in an Instagram post. The nutritionist said that while the tips are easy to follow and understand, they can make all the difference.

Mukherjee says in the caption, “How can I avoid falling sick?” Mukherjee suggests that you focus on natural healing methods to heal your body.

Take Care of What You Eat

Mukherjee advises against eating processed foods, junk food and oily products. Although it may be easy to succumb to the urges at times, it is better to replace guilt foods with healthier alternatives.


It is vital to detoxify. Toxins can clog the system and cause further damage to the body’s functioning. Detoxification helps ensure proper energy flow and boosts immunity, preventing chronic diseases. Anjali Mukherjee recommends detoxifying raw juices, such as cabbage juice, tomato juice, celery juice, watermelon juice and celery juice. She suggests that one eat more fruits and vegetables.


Protein is fuel for your energy and transports oxygen throughout your body through the blood. Protein helps to make antibodies that fight diseases and infections, which keeps your cells healthy. A nutritionist recommends consuming at least 50 grams of protein each day to reap the many health benefits of proteins.

Lose Weight

Losing weight can help you avoid many diseases. Obesity can cause health problems like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and eye problems.

Avoid Stress

Mukherjee’s next tip for health is to avoid stress. She says stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.

It is essential to seek the advice of a professional before making drastic lifestyle changes.


This content, including advice, is for general information only. This content is not intended to replace a qualified medical opinion. For more information, consult your doctor or a specialist. This information is not under the control of NDTV.

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