6 Smart Ways You Can Benefit from a Smart Toothbrush

Smart devices have become the norm these days. Even things as ordinary as toothbrushes are now becoming smart. From connected scales to voice-activated hair brushes, everything is being upgraded to become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled appliances. We have already seen several smart toilet seats, toothpaste dispensers, and now even toothbrushes! Not just that – there’s even an AI-powered smart toothbrush called Smart Sonic that analyzes your brushing habits, alerts you when you brush too hard, and guides you by lighting up in different colors based on usage.

Track your brushing habits and improve oral health

The primary benefit of investing in a Smart Toothbrush is that it can track the brushing habits of the user and keep a track of how well they are cleaning their teeth. These brushes can maintain a log of the brushing activities and can store this data in the app. A smart toothbrush will track things like the brushing duration, frequency, areas that need more focus, and others. 

Monitor your dental care and make recommendations

It can detect areas that need more focus and make recommendations to improve your dental health. The sensors in these smart brushes can detect if you are using a wrong technique while brushing and make recommendations. If you suffer from gum disease, these brushes can even help you monitor the progression of the disease to see if you need to take any further dental care.

Be a reminder to clean your teeth twice a day

If you are someone who doesn’t brush your teeth twice a day or forget to brush after meals, a smart toothbrush will remind you to do so. It can also log the time you brush your teeth, the duration of brushing, and the areas of your teeth that need more focus. A smart toothbrush can also tell you when you last brushed your teeth. This can help you stay on top of your oral health and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

There’s no risk in trying it out!

There’s no risk in trying out a Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush – it only helps! If you are wondering if these brushes are worth the hype, then you are at the right place. A smart toothbrush can track and monitor your brushing habits. A smart toothbrush can also assist you in improving your crony health by making recommendations on how you can do so.

Smart brushes can be fun and help build good habits!

There are several smart brushes that are equipped with artificial intelligence and can even talk to you. This can be a great way to create and build good brushing habits in your children. If the brush is fun and talks to them, children are likely to get drawn towards brushing their teeth. A smart toothbrush can also be a great way to bring more fun in your life and make brushing more exciting. 

It’s an affordable way to monitor your dental health

The best part about smart brushes is that they are affordable. If you are looking to monitor your dental health and want to know the progress of dental care, a smart brush is exactly what you need. A smart toothbrush can track and monitor your dental health and alert you if there are any abnormal conditions. It can also track the progress of dental care and notify you if you need to increase the frequency of brushing or change your toothpaste. But before buying our toothpaste you should know How many calories are in toothpaste.


As you can see, smart toothbrushes are a great investment. If you are looking for ways to improve your oral health, these brushes are a great place to start. By investing in Oclean smart toothbrush, you can track your brushing habits, monitor your dental care, and even create good brushing habits.

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