7 Best Subscription Boxes to Send as a Gift

More Options Than You May Realize

The subscription box industry has become increasingly popular, becoming somewhat solidified in the wake of 2020’s unpleasantness. Today, you can find a subscription box for just about anything under the sun.

Here we’ll briefly go over seven boxes to choose from to help you get an idea of what’s out there, and what you might want to get for a friend or family member.

1. Meats and Cheeses

Pepperidge Farms isn’t the only name in the game when it comes to meat and cheese subscription boxes. Look at how many options you have to choose from. Find the ones which best resonate with the recipient of the box. You’ve got a wide price range to choose from.

2. Varying Candy Trends

There are candy subscription boxes out there that will bring you the latest trends in sweets. You can have chocolates sent or tangy candies. Basically, whatever family of candy is favored by the person for whom you’re buying the gift, there’s an option out there somewhere. You might even find one or two of the box packages are something you yourself want to try.

3. New Flowers Every Month

Interestingly, today you can find a flower box subscription without much difficulty, bringing the freshest classic and trending flowers right to your front door. Such flowers can be absolutely perfect for interior décor and fragrance.

Imagine, instead of some electronic device that squirts out perfume every fifteen minutes, if you were able to place real flowers around the home and maintain their beauty visually and in the olfactory sense perpetually. That’s the power of a flower subscription box. Someone who is enthusiastic about flowers will love such a box.


4. New Clothing Style Subscriptions

Clothing boxes are ideal for the fashionista in your life. She’ll love the latest styles shipped right to her front door. If she likes what she gets she can keep it, or send back the unwanted garments with the box for next month’s shipment. Of course, the flexibility to keep or reject garments will depend on the subscription box service, but this is a common option.

5. Washington Fruit Boxes With Fresh Apples and PearsSince at least the nineties, fruit companies in Washington have been sending subscription boxes with fine pears, apples, and other fruits throughout the country. This is a classic option, and it’s well-loved.

6. Beard Management and Shaving Accessories

One of the companies that really blazed a trail for subscription boxes is “Dollar Shave Club”, and it makes sense. Especially if you shave every day, you go through razors with regularity. Dollar Shave Club saves you money and time simultaneously; it’s a win-win.


7. Pasta of the Month Options

For the Mediterranean palette in your family, there’s nothing better than a subscription to the pasta of the month. So many pasta options and sauces are out there, sampling them all isn’t always easy. With a pasta box, you can get into the habit of sampling something new every couple of weeks.

The Right Subscription Box for the Right Person

Maybe pasta is the subscription box option for your friend or family member, maybe you want to go with beard management accessories. Fruit boxes, clothing, flowers, candy, and charcuterie selections are also available; among many others. Explore what’s out there. It may take a little work to find the perfect option, but there’s a box for everyone.

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