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7 Jewelry Trends That Will Save Your Style

If you cry at night thinking about all of the clothes you’ll never be able to buy in your lifetime, then you might have a passion for fashion. You’re probably the type of person who struts through the cafeteria wearing clashing prints because you know it makes you stand out. So when you fall into a style slump, it can feel like a life-or-death situation. For an easy and effective fix, you can use these seven jewelry trends to save your style.

1. Responsible Gemstones

Gemstones and precious gems are and will continue to be extremely popular, but you can lead the pack by choosing products that companies have mined or created responsibly. It’s not hot to be an ignorant consumer anymore. You have to think about how your habits and interests impact the environment and communities around the world. From sustainably-sourced earrings to laboratory-made colored engagement rings, the jewelry you choose says something. Make it a statement about environmental sustainability. 

2. Chunky Cuffs and Bracelets

Embrace just off-the-catwalk style by picking up some chunky cuffs and wide bracelets to add to your collection. Cuffs go over clothing, and wide bracelets are better on bare skin. Having a few options of both in your wardrobe is going to make your sense of style seem cutting-edge. Don’t go overboard on colors. Have a few black and neutral options as your staple pieces. 

3. All the Finger Rings

Rings have never been more in than they are right now. You can ride this ring-happy wave by picking up various sizes, shapes, and styles for almost every finger on your hand. Adorn your pinky with a wire ring and your middle finger with a signet ring. Add a few simple bands in mixed metals to complete the full look.

4. Statement Earrings

A few years ago, you would have had a hard time spotting earrings among the general fashion-friendly public, but statement earrings are now making a huge comeback. While there are many ways to go astray with this trend, it’s also an excuse to be bold and have fun with your style. The best times to wear statement earrings include: 

  • Pairing with a loud top
  • Balancing a pair of bold shoes
  • Accessorizing a jean jacket
  • Highlighting an up-do

5. The Punk Aesthetic

Another trend that will help you feel bold and empowered is the punk aesthetic. You might associate the punk movement with goths or with bad style from the ’80s, but there’s a lot more to it than you think. Punk is the aesthetic of rebellion. It’s also amazingly gender-neutral, neither overly masculine nor overly feminine. When you add a bit of punk to your outfits, you are communicating that you are confident in who you are.

Today’s punk-inspired jewelry combines the spirit of the original movement with youthful and elegant style. For example, you might like a chunky chain that sits at your collarbone or a pair of minimalist earrings with low-key studs.

6. Heirlooms for One and All

Heirloom jewelry is the next big trend to pay attention to. You’ll find that everyone wants a statement piece with history and a story. If your family didn’t pass on any jewelry to you, don’t worry. You can find heirloom pieces in thrift shops and consignment stores. Make sure to ask the owner of the store for the full story behind each piece. That way you can share the story of your found items and draw even more attention.

7. Flowers Everywhere

The flower motif in jewelry is truly taking over. You’ve probably noticed that people are ready for a bit of whimsy and fantasy in the fashion space. Whether it’s flower earrings or delicate petals on chains, flowers are everywhere. This is an especially cute trend for spring and summer.

The power of accessories cannot be overstated. Having a well-balanced jewelry collection is a rite of passage in any fashionista’s journey. Use these tips to find and acquire all the right pieces to amp up your style.

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