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8 Awesome Chest Tattoo Designs To Inspire You

Tattoos have been a means of self-expression and a declaration of allegiance for millennia. It’s gotten so common that it’s almost become a rite of passage! The majority of us are nervous about our first ones, especially when considering how long they will stay. Of course, cultural and other differences exist, and the best thing to do is pick the right design.

The era of thorns and flowers has given way to quirky, profoundly individualized styles that are frequently used for internal communication. There is also a significant aesthetic value associated with it. The appropriate tattoo may produce a very attractive image, from delicate filigree motifs to complex compound images.

Check out these 8 awesome chest tattoos for girls.

Lone Rose

One of the most classic tattoos for girls on the chest is that of a floral design especially the likes of this design of a lone rose with additional detailing wrapped around the stem.  With just the right amount of dramatic flare this tattoo rightly deserves its popularity. 

Long Mandala

Fans of traditional mandala designs would favor this particular design as it provides the same effect. It can also act as a wonderful alternative to a long delicate spine tattoo as the positioning requires less tolerance while being inked. 


Fans of the mandala design will love this lotus design that blossoms in a particular manner to give the mandala effect.  The distinctly feminine design is perfect for those of us looking to create such a vibe. 

Floral Collar

A classic among tattoos for girls on the chest is a winding pattern below the collarbone, especially in a floral design. This floral collar is a great example of this style of tattoo. 

Customize it to add elements that you prefer or simply add geometric patterns to balance out the floral elements. Highlight this with either a sleeveless dress or a tube top for maximum effect. 

Collar Tattoos

A variation of the floral collar, this is perfect as a minimalist alternative. Delicate branches act as highlighters for your pretty collarbones. The delicate design creates an ultra-feminine look that can be accentuated with wide-collared shirts and sleeveless dresses. Such designs make for really great back tattoos for women as well.

Ornamental Collar Tattoo

If you’d like a filigreed ornament on your collar, this tattoo design is the perfect match for you. There is ample space for creativity and it can be customized to add a significant number of small elements to form a more cohesive image. 

Gothic Themed Collar

If you’re looking for gothic-themed unique tattoos then check out this antler tattoo that has merged antlers on a skull to foliage surrounding a live branch. Pair it with dramatic color schemes to maximize the effect. 

Elaborate Collar

For an out-and-out ornamental collar, check out this tattoo design that creates the illusion of wearing heavy statement jewelry. Matching forearm tattoos can finish up the Amazonian warrior princess look that can be achieved with this design. 

Whether you’re the oddball with a little butterfly below your neck or the hippy at heart with a blossoming vine down your chest, you may wear it as a permanent ornament for yourself. Don’t worry that it detracts from your professional image; your shirt will hide the secret until you’re ready to party in your new top! Take inspiration from our recommended designs for that perfect self-expressive chest tattoo for girls you were looking for and let us know how it turns out!

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