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All You Need To Know About Canada’s Open Work Permit

An official document known as a work permit enables a foreign national to work while they are in Canada. A work permit unaffiliated with a specific employer or area is referred to as an open work permit in Canada.

A foreign worker with a legitimate, open work permit can work for several companies within Canada. However, some open work permits may have conditions or limits that must be abided by foreign nationals.

Any foreign national wanting to work in Canada must have the relevant documentation. This clearance typically takes the form of an approved work permit for foreign nationals.

Types of Open-Work Permits

Most frequently, open work permits in Canada fall under the following immigration schemes.

Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP)

All graduates of a Canadian academic program that lasted a minimum of eight months can transition from a study permit to a post-graduate open employment permit. This permit remains valid for the same time frame as their student permit.

International Experience Canada (IEC)

Any international worker or student who satisfies the prerequisites may apply for this form of open work permit canada. This work visa is specifically for international students looking for work opportunities across all Canadian provinces. In addition, anyone between 18 and 35 who wants to spend a year in Canada to gain job experience can apply for this permit.

Inland Spousal or Spouse Work Permit Canada

International students and employees are allowed to bring their spouses or partners with them to Canada. They are eligible to work for any Canadian employer and attend any Canadian educational institution with this work permit. Since the primary applicant is eligible for this work permit, no employment offer is necessary.

Who can apply for an Open Work Permit?

You might qualify for an open work permit if:

  • You are an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution and are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
  • You have applied for permanent residence in Canada
  • You are a dependent family member of someone who applied for permanent residence
  • You are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person, or family member
  • You are a temporary resident permit holder
  • You are a young worker participating in special programs
  • You are the spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student

Benefits of an Open Work Permit

The freedom that open work permits provide their holders makes them very desirable. Furthermore, this permit does not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

So while most work permits are linked to a particular employer, an open work visa enables a foreign national to work for any employer in Canada and gives them the freedom to move across the country as they like.

Additionally, foreign nationals can track their eligibility for the following routes to permanent residence as they acquire Canadian work experience.

Conditions of an Open-Work Permit

The Canadian government forbids foreign nationals from accepting employment from the following types of employers, even with an open work permit:

  • Employers are classified as ineligible due to not adhering to IRCC regulations
  • Employers who frequently provide escort services, erotic dance, or erotic massages.


By now, it is clear that an open work permit for Canada is one of the best types of work permit offered by the Canadian government. So, be it the spouse work permit canada or the International Experience Canada, you can check your eligibility and apply today with the help of a visa consultant!

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