Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Questions Before Hiring Them

Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Questions Before Hiring Them

Are you looking to buy a house? You’ll need to know the most frequently asked questions to discuss with a real estate agent.

There are many differences between real estate agents. Not all agents are the same. This is why Peggy Yee, the supervising agent at Frankly Realtors in Vienna, VA, suggests interviewing at least three agents before selecting the person you’d like on your side during the most important purchases.

For help in figuring it out, there are 10 things you can ask a real estate agent to determine the one that is the best community in Dubai for you.

Top questions you should ask an estate agent before signing them up

To make this critical decision easy for the buyer, We’ve broken down the most frequently asked questions about whether you’re a seller or buyer and the stage of the process.

1. Are you active?

Realtors may boast many years of experience; however, when they’ve sold only a couple of houses each year, they might not be the right choice for you!

Instead of asking whether they’ve sold real estate, think about asking what their level of activity on the market is.

In addition, this question can provide insight into their history and let you know how well-versed they are in your region.

2. Have you got a record of recommendations?

Each agent must show up at an initial meeting with references. Ask them if they do not include the names in their listing presentations. Be wary of agents who cannot provide a couple of words for customers to call.

Nikki Lagouros is a top realtor located in Reston, Virginia, selling houses 40% faster than the typical agent in the area. She believes sellers must seek references because “An agent can say the right things at the listing appointment, but do you know what that person is like once you’re under contract?”

References can provide insights into the agent’s professionalism from beginning to end.

3. How how long does your Realtor work in the field?

There’s a lot to be said about young, ambitious people trying to establish their abilities; an experienced agent has deep knowledge of the local area, understands the nuances of negotiation, and will have better connections to the industry.

Agents with established relationships can provide you with the inside scoop for listings before they are put on the market, give information on how other agents make deals, and offer valuable suggestions to inspections, financing, and tradespeople.

4. What do you believe the prospective buyer for my house will be?

This is a fantastic marketing query to ask an agent in the real estate industry. The kind of buyer you can expect for any particular property can differ based on the area, the property’s type, price, features, etc.

For instance, a purchaser of a home with a dual-living option in Tara, Durbvanville, will probably be different from the buyer of one-family homes in Vredekloof, Cape Town. The buyer of a house in a retirement facility will differ from a place available for the auction within Sonstraal Heights.

What you’re looking for is something particular. Of course, the buyer could be anyone. Still, every property will be appealing to a different demographic in a different way than other homes. The answer is likely to be generic. Indicates that the agent doesn’t know who they’re selling their home.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t receive a good deal, but it could indicate that their strategy for marketing doesn’t increase the chance.

5. What do I have to do to make my home set?

The look of your house can affect the speed at which you sell it and at what price. The most frequent mistake sellers make spending excessive time and money on things that do not have any significance. The aim is to spend your money in the smallest amount and only spend it on things that can bring you the most return on investment.

That’s what you need to know when asking your Realtor the question. This will let you know how experienced and knowledgeable the agent in real estate is.

They know what to do to make your home attractive to potential buyers. And if you intend on staying in your home when it is being sold, you should ask the agent who is selling your house which items in your home are allowed to remain and what items should be removed.

The most influential real estate agents will walk through your home and offer a list of the things you must do to make your home ready for sale.

6. Do you prefer working on your own or in a group?

Many people think that the real estate industry is an individual sport. However, most agents are part of an estate team that includes other agents, an administrative assistant, and a team leader.

There are many advantages of being a part of a team rather than a group. If, for instance, an agent in your team is tied to you and you’re required to visit a home in a hurry, then another team member could step in to guide you through the house or take care of last-minute issues on behalf of the agent.

7. How do you know which houses might best meet my needs and requirements?

A good buyer agent offers clients a thorough questionnaire to help them identify their criteria for buying a house. So, ask for this questionnaire in advance. Your agent should also be able to tell you if your listing of “needs” is realistically affordable in the area you live in. Best apartments in Jumeirah Village Triangle for you.

8. Have you ever had something go wrong in a transaction or deal? How did you deal with it?

There are plenty of moving pieces to consider when purchasing or selling a property, and that’s not just the things you put in the van. It is essential to choose an agent who thinks about their own feet and knows how to deal with it if things go wrong.

Lagouros believes it is an indicator of danger to inquire of the agent, “when is a time that something has gone wrong in a real estate deal?” They’ll answer”never.

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9. What’s your availability like?

If you only view homes at night and on weekends and the real estate agent you choose to be at home with their children at those times, there’s an issue before the beginning of the process!

Know what time frame you’ll need the agent you are considering to contact emails, arrange shows, and be available to make sure their schedule is flexible for your family and you.

10. Do you have recommendations for services in your region?

What is the outcome if your dream home used to be owned by someone who thought it would be fun to colour each room with a different (bright) hue?


It’s one of the most frequently asked questions you should ask an agent who will assist you in selling your home. If you select the right agent, you’ll be able to get the highest price in an acceptable amount of time for the market you are in. Making the correct inquiries and listening to their answers can help you avoid splitting the relationship with your realtor later on and then choose a new agent.

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