Know the Best Effective Features In Website Development

Planning for a website design for your business involves several aspects that require serious consideration before finalising the blueprint. A solid strategy can help your business grow with effective tactics. You can choose a reliable website development company in Delhi or elsewhere and get your job done. But the truth is you need to have some basic idea about the proven features to include for successful website development. Without a basic idea, you will not be able to judge the value of the final product that a website development company will dish out to you.

Hence, let’s understand some essential features that any credible website must incorporate to make it appealing, goal-oriented, and functional.  

Home Page Features for Website Development

Various aspects of the Home Page will help you set the right-first-time impression on your visitors. Everything is crucial, from selecting an easy-to-spell and creative domain name to adding testimonials, internal links, and CTAs on the home page. The essential elements that your home page must include are:-

A well-displayed Company Name and Logo at the top of the home page

An easy-to-find search bar

A short and compact description

A navigation bar

CTAs, Testimonials, Images, and Internal Links

Live chat option 

Newsletter and email form pop-ups 

Features for the Website Footer – 

The bottom of the pages of your website must include hyperlinks to enable users to visit the page of their choice. There can be links to blogs, press releases, about pages, customer care pages, careers, and FAQs pages so that visitors do not find any problems in looking for some specific information. The footer of your website can also incorporate essential elements like social media page links.

Features for the About Page –

A dedicated ‘About Us’ page will help your visitors know everything that matters to them. It also shows that you are very much there, not just a name. The elements that the ‘About Us’ page must include to add to the effectiveness of the overall website design: A business map and detailed address

Contact Information

Contact Form 


 Other Features to be included in the Inner Pages

  1. Information about Team/Employee/career- This will help the visitors get a clearer picture of your organization in terms of its functioning and reach and will add to their overall trust.
  2. Feature Page – A feature page is an excellent way of allowing your visitors asses you and your company against other competitors.
  3. List of Services – This is another essential element that requires great attention while designing your website. This is where the details of all the services or products you offer will be listed. Keep it informative and straight for everyone to understand easily.
  4. Other important inner features that your website must incorporate are case studies, blogs, good search options and organization of blogs, internal blog links, author pages, comment sections, FAQs, customer-facing documentation, and infographics.

Managing the Back-End Features

Apart from these above-mentioned ‘user-experience’ centric features, there are certain compelling features that will help you to manage your business from the back end. Like, having an advanced Content Management System is highly recommended as it will help you properly organize and store your website’s contents. Then another essential feature in this regard is SEO Software for your website. It helps to optimize the keywords most efficiently to attract a more significant number of visitors to your page. Next, utilizing analytic tools to understand the nature and flow of traffic to your website is another essential feature in website development. Another crucial point to remember while website development is that updating and adding content to the meta description should be available to make your site more SEO responsive.

Final Words

The lack of a proper website development strategy may affect the growth of your business in the long run. The above discussion is a more or less comprehensive analysis of the practical features that can make a website most rewarding, functional, and organized. And you can always incorporate and exclude features from your website according to changing trends and requirements to maintain its credibility.

Make sure you do proper research and invest in the right website development company that will help your business grow in the future. 

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.

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