Best Friendship day bouquets

Best Friendship day bouquets

Friendship day is celebrated annually and actually has a deep history, in different countries it is celebrated on different days. But The official International friendship day is celebrated on 7 August. Initially it was decided to be celebrated on 20 th July, but was shifted. The idea of celebrating Friendship day is to promote peace, friendship and elling of brotherhood between nations. Friendship day was a major event when we were kids, but as we all grow up these cute little gestures take a back seat.

Let’s bring these traditions back and spread joy with friendship day flower arrangements. Here is list of friendship day flowers that will cheer you up- 

Lovely lilly

Lilies are always a good pick for any bouquet, these are big and pretty looking with a unique shape. Flowers are always great no matter their kind, but for friendship day if you are looking for something grand yet affordable then lilies are the way to go. Not just lilies you can also add baby breaths and roses since these go well with any bouquet or else just stick to assorted lilies or a single color if that’s your vibe. Lilies symbolizes purity, rebirth and innocence. Roses are a symbol of love, making it a lovely choice for celebrating your friendship. 

Orange delight

The colors yellow and orange are often seen in friendship bouquets; these colors represent friendship and confidence. For an orange themed bouquet you would need orange roses, lilies, white daisies, alstroemeria and lilac stock along with greens. Get these arranged in a round vase for a 360 view. Orange roses represent warmth, confidence and joy. Orange aisactic lilies represent energy and honor. Other flowers are filler to balance out the bouquet and colors you can play around the colors and customize your own with your local florist. 

Autumn desire

For this amazing bouquet you would need some assorted roses, the color palette remains fairly similar. Orange, ivory, yellow roses along with mini carnations, hot pink roses, white hydrangeas and Variegated Pitt. These flowers are well mixed and symmetrically placed. With a combination of white and pop of color whit bouquet is great if you are not sure of the colors you would like to pick. This has a bit of all along with white to balance it well. Ivory roses symbolize luxury, charm and elegance. Carnations symbolize luck and love. 

Charming bouquet

Just talking about charm we cannot miss on this one, this is a great choice for when you are confused on what to get. This bouquet has something of each kind of flower and mixes well together and looks cohesive. The flowers you would need for this one are Sunflowers, red roses, orange asiatic lilies, mini green mums and lavender stock. This bouquet is beautiful in its own unique ways. Get this arranged in a round glass vase, for a wonderful look. Sunflowers symbolize joy and sunshine, mini green mums symbolize good fortune, youthfulness and good health. Get your hand on these beautifully amazing arrangements from dundalk florist.

Regal hues

For a classic bouquet you would need some magnificent roses of various colors and kinds. Orange and pink roses with green chrysanthemums, red carnations and greens. Arranged in a round short vase, this bouquet will give you fresh garden vibes and a refreshing feeling. Pink roses symbolize grace, femininity and charm. Red carnations symbolize love and affection. These flowers together give a lovely appeal, and make a great surprise for your friendship day party. 

Radiance bouquet

For this bouquet you would need assorted alstroemeria colors white, orange and purple, and green petals. This easy to get bouquet is a great option. Easy to assemble and find also super affordable. Alstroemeria symbolizes grace, majesty, purity and honor. With Snapboom, get flower delivery locally at the comfort of your home. 

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