Bulldog vs Rottweiler: Breeds Comparison

Bulldog vs Rottweiler: Breeds Comparison

It may seem hard to choose between the Bulldog and the Rottweiler but it isn’t. You just need to know a little bit about each one of them and how they differ. Let’s get busy…

While Bulldog is a member of the Companion Group, Rottweiler belongs to the group of Working Dogs.

Despite these breeds aren’t members of the same breed groups, they have some similarities and not only differences so keep reading to learn more.

Bulldog vs Rottweiler Size Comparison

The following chart compares the average breeds weight with the average weight of an American man and woman.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, the average weight of a man is 198 pounds, and the weight of a woman is 167 pounds.

Bulldog vs Rottweiler lifespan

The quality of care that you provide your dog can literally extend its life. However, not all dogs get the same treatment, especially with regard to food.

Some of them have better diets, others are fed less. In general, it is said that the dog’s weight should not exceed 30% of its body mass.

There are breeds, of course, that are bred to be smaller, but there are also those which are selected to be bigger.

Bulldog vs Rottweiler adaptability

When we say “dog adaptability”, most people think about apartment living adaptability, so let’s start with that. All dogs are great — but not all dogs are great for or geared toward apartment living. A dog may be considered the worst dog breed for apartments for a few reasons including size, energy level, noise, smell, shedding.

English Bulldogs have a better reputation as good apartment living dogs than Rottweilers.

While most dogs can be left home alone for 6 to 8 hours, some will do better. Check the table below to see how Bulldogs and Rottweilers tolerate being left alone.

Hot weather tolerance

According to breed, Rottweiler tolerates hot weather better than Bulldog.

During warm weather, be sure to provide shade and water and head out in the morning or late evening when it’s cooler.

Also, avoid pavement – if the ground is too hot to touch for your hand for a few seconds, it’s too hot for paws.

What about cold weather?

Most dogs do fine at lower temperatures. They may act sluggish or slow down, but they are rarely in danger of getting hypothermia. Small breed dogs and dogs with thin coats are at risk, however.

If your dog starts behaving weirdly, whining, shivering, or holding up one or more paws, then it’s time to go inside.

Health And Grooming Needs

To ensure that your puppy gets the best health care possible, research reputable breeders, and then when you meet them ask to see the parents and their health certificates as described above, and to see the conditions in which all the dogs are living.

Check the table below to see the general health rating for these two canines, and read full breed profile articles to read in-depth information on their health.

Also, some breeds are prone to obesity, which could cause other health conditions. Be sure to check that information as well, if the breed is prone to obesity, keep a close eye on labels and feed your dog according to the food labels.

What about shedding?

Some breeds shed more than others. This makes Rottweilers the best choice as far as shedding goes, but they’re not the only option.

Dogs that shed less tend to be smaller breeds, such as bulldogs. But be aware that you will need to brush them regularly to keep them looking beautiful.

Do Bulldog and Rottweiler need a lot of physical activity?

Physical activity is important for keeping dogs healthy, calm and happy. Not only will they be healthier and happier when they’re more active, but you’ll also reduce or eliminate destructive behaviors.

Some people don’t consider this when choosing a breed, so we’ve dedicated a whole chapter to physical needs. Bulldog breeds have a medium level of exercise needs, while Rottweiler breeds require a higher level of exercise.

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