Damascus Proxy 928 Knife

Damascus Proxy 928 Knife Review

For those interested in the history of Damascus knives, the Damascus Proxy 928 is a noteworthy model in the line of new Damascus products released in 2017. This knife has captured the attention of the knife community, not only for its exceptional all-around functionality but also for its unique appearance, adding to the rich and fascinating history of Damascus knives. The knife was designed by renowned knife maker Warren Osborne and resembles a cat that lies down and hides before pouncing.

Knife shape

This feeling comes from the shape of the knife in the open position, when the line runs smoothly from the handle to the tip and the handle to the throat, which, in my imagination, paints the silhouette of a crouching cat. OK, enough preoccupations, let’s get to the knife work. On the official website, the Damascus Proxy 928 device, released as part of the Blue series, is placed in three functional positions: daily, outdoor and tactical.

Knife Function.

And I must say right away that such an assessment of the functionality of the knife is justified. The knife can also successfully solve complex tasks in the city, being a light tool (138 grams) it has excellent dimensions for transportation, and no less difficult tasks outside the city, such as a single A picnic knife or an extra camping knife. naturally

Drope Point

The Damascus Proxy 928 has a drop point blade with an extremely low profile. In this sense, due to the downward axis of the blade relative to the axis of the handle, the breech line has an objective reduction and a subjective sense. This decision aligns well with the concept of Masada Ayoub and Ed Champ, who advocate a similar trend for Blades to invest in the cutting business.

Steel Powder

The blade is made from one of the finest powder steels available today: crucible CPM 20CV steel with a hardness of 59-61 HRC. The blade is 98 mm long and 3.8 mm thick, which allows it to be used as a fairly large lever (for folding the knife), with large flat surfaces, and to withstand high lateral loads. she does. The useful length of the cutting edge is 84 mm, however, it cannot be said that this is a flaw of the blade. As a result of such a decision, the blade received a large muzzle, which, with flat parts, will facilitate the release and sharpening of the knife on any sharpener, but this is not the main thing.


The most important factor in deciding not to make the longest cutting edge on the blade was to make the Damascus Proxy 928 a truly versatile tool, and somewhat of an urban survival series knife as well, as the Warren is surprisingly comfortable. Was able to arrange the blade from the chair. which are mostly found in the rich region under the belly of the handle and thus do not take up the useful length of the RK. At the same time, the safety of the index finger is ensured in complex picking work (and not in delicate and delicate work) with a blunt part of 6 mm, which slightly reduces the working length of the RK.

Finger Protection

I consider this decision legitimate, because With the lower slope of the ailerons and blades, the early part of the RK will not be used much, and in our case the finger protection in the pepper is unmatched. With a blade width of 29 mm, straight ramps of 20 mm height create a universal toe of 0.6 mm at the maximum RK limits and 0.85 mm at the blade end. Of course, this geometry will allow you to do the complex cutting with the knife, and the fairly sturdy tip can pierce and cut without much concern for its safety. 

The junction of the back of the blade and the back of the handle is straight, allowing the thumb to be adjusted to a wide range of lengths, depending on whether the blade is used on the job. The blade is removed with a feather, and the two-sided screws on the blade essentially act as stop pins, resting on special recesses in the handle. Correct operation of the blade is ensured by bearings in the pivot assembly.

Design Handle

The closed design grip is made from a 4mm non-lightweight titanium die-cast with a beautiful light pearl finish and a solid piece of brown G-10 that combines the anti-grip and 5mm back spacer. There is a large three-dimensional design on both sides of the handle, and the handle overall creates the image of an expensive men’s accessory. Among such capabilities of the knife is the thinnest cut of the frame’s locking frame, equipped with steel rifling to prevent wear. The knife has a polished steel clip that allows the knife to be moved in an inclined position, either right or left.

As A Result

We can say that the Damascus Proxy 928 turned out to be an excellent knife with such a balanced function that its presence in one of the listed functional outlets is fully justified, and in each of them it can show almost perfect functions. and can declare them. Power of Attorney (Attorney). With all this, the knife has an expensive design and high-quality materials, it is perfectly made and assembled. All this makes the Damascus Proxy 928 one of those rare work tools that can be considered an expensive and elegant accessory for men.

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