Rockspace WiFi Extender Won’t Connect to Router

Fix: Rockspace WiFi Extender Won’t Connect to Router

Rockspace WiFi extender won’t connect to the router? Don’t sweat over it! You have stumbled upon the right post. This article will provide you with one of the best troubleshooting tips that can help you cope with Rockspace WiFi extender won’t connect to router issue in a jiffy.

Why Extender Won’t Connect to Router?

So, you have recently purchased Rockspace WiFi extender to expand your existing WiFi coverage, right? Well, you have made an excellent choice. But, most of the time users face issues while connecting their extender to their existing router. On the off chance if you are also experiencing the same issue, then your internet connection may hamper. So, to prevent this, walk through the instructions highlighted below and know how to get rid of Rockspace extender wifi that won’t connect to the internet issue on the fly.

There can be a number of reasons preventing your Rockspace extender from connecting to the router. Right from improper extender setup to losing Ethernet connections, a number of culprits are there causing the issue.

But, you don’t have to worry! Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the possible reasons causing the issue along with their proven solutions. Let’s dig a little deeper!

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Rockspace Extender Won’t Connect to Router

The Fixes


Loose or Improper Ethernet Connectivity

Solution: If the Ethernet cable you are using to connect your Rockspace WiFi and router is not working properly or is damaged, you will not be able to connect your devices (extender and router) in a proper way. And, if your devices aren’t connected to each other, then you will surely have issues while accessing Rockspace local login page. Therefore, to deal with the issue, replace the Ethernet cable right away.

If you are a lazy bud and don’t want to go out in the market for a new Ethernet cable, then you can connect your extender and router using a wireless source.

Apart from this, we also suggest you have a look at the wall sockets in which your devices are plugged. Make sure that their respective wall sockets are supplying continuous and fluctuation-free power/ electricity to them.


Bad Extender Placement

Solution: Placing your Rockspace WiFi extender at the correct location also matters when it comes to connecting it to your existing router. So, make sure that while or after performing WiFi Rockspace extender setup, it is placed near to your router and away from concrete walls, electronic devices, metal objects, etc.

The best location to place yourWiFi extender is at the higher and center-most area in your home, probably on a clean and airy shelf. Doing so will somehow help you access lag-free internet from any corner of your house.


Technical Glitch

Solution: Your Rockspace device won’t connect to your existing router if there is any technical issue/ glitch in the hardware or software of the WiFi extender. To get the issue fixed in the blink of an eye, simply power cycle your Rockspace extender.

To do so:

  • Unplug your Rockspace WiFi extender.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug your extender back in.

Now, try connecting your Rockspace WiFi extender and router again. Once you are done, access the IP to check whether the issue is fixed by the power cycling of the extender or not.


Improper Rockspace Extender Setup

Solution: If the above-mentioned tips don’t help you out to resolve “Rockspace WiFi extender won’t connect to router” issue, then you must try this last hack.

Improper Rockspace WiFi extender configuration may also lead you to experience the issue. For fixing this type of annoying issue, you need to reset your range extender back to factory default values.

Once you are done with resetting WiFi Rockspace extender, consider configuring it again using the on-screen prompts provided on its setup page. You can easily navigate to the Rockspace WiFi extender setup page using re rockspace local web address.

Note: Make sure that you have access to the Rockspace extender’s SSID prior to reaching the setup page using re rockspace local web address.

This time, you will surely get success with the process of connecting your Rockspace WiFi extender and router.

To Conclude

With the use of one of the best hacks listed above, you will be able to rectify “Rockspace WiFi extender won’t connect to router” issue. Please share your valuable feedback with us if you find this article helpful.

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