Gartic Phone

How Do You Play Gartic Phone?

As remote experiences become increasingly popular, it is essential to have a social gaming activity to keep you occupied, even without the physical presence of people around you. Social games are an excellent way to pass the time and have fun with friends. Gartic Phone, a phenomenal social gaming experience popularised by Kameto on Twitch, is an outstanding social game with all the bells and whistles to create an enjoyable experience.

This game is straightforward to understand. The rules are a combination of Pictionary (the drawing game) and Gartic Phone (the telephone game in which the first player whispers something into someone’s ear and then passes it on until it reaches the original speaker) — also known as Chinese Whispers. Everyone can follow the game’s rules with some level of visual guidance, however.

It is up to players to guess what a word/words represents in Gartic Phone by sketching a word/words. In the game, the first player proposes a sentence, followed by the second player’s drawing of the first sentence. The next player will have to guess what the sentence was. In the end, the players will compare the final sentence with the original statement.

It is an exciting concept because it mainly relies on the superior skills of players and their interpretations of these drawings to create an experience. The Gartic Phone provides the rules, and the players decide how entertaining the occasion is.

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Gartic Phone: How to play

  1. Visit Gartic Phone’s website at
  2. Log in using Twitch or Discord as an anonymous player
  3. The number of players you want to add to the game can be selected
  4. You can choose from one of the game modes (maybe normal mode) or create your own
  5. Copy your game’s id and send it to your friends using the invite option.
  6. To begin, click Start once they’ve joined.

Engaging modes to keep players interested

If you’re looking for a graphically-intensive game that’ll keep you laughing and entertained, Gartic Phone has some games just for you. The game modes dive into drawing skills and complexity, including the ‘Secret’ mode, which is often considered the best. So if you and your friends want to compete with each other in mysterious words, there’s a game mode designed specifically for that. And after you’ve picked away with a time limit (like Speedrun), there are modes without time limits, like ‘No Rush.’ So, whether you’re playing casually or fast, Gartic Phone has something for everyone.

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You can choose from 12 presets in the preset game mode:

  1. Gartic Phone is played by writing and drawing alternately until you reach the end of the round.
  2. Replicate drawings as the clock gets faster.
  3. During the game, your creations are hidden.
  4. Collaborate with other people to create animations.
  5. Using drawings as an icebreaker, you can ask questions and have fun.
  6. You start with primary lines and see how the other players interpret them.
  7. Aim for the highest score possible.
  8. In speedrun mode, the clock becomes your enemy.
  9. You start writing and drawing here and continue until the end.
  10. There were 15 or more players in the crowd.
  11. Create a settled background for your animations.
  12. Make animations in just five frames with Solo.

There is also the option of creating a custom mode with Gartic Phone if you want something unique for your group. With the custom mode, you can change specific settings such as time requirements, task flows, turns, secrecy, etc. The final result is a game more tailored to your playing style.

It’s available on PC and mobile in various languages (including Hebrew, Persian, Korean, and Vietnamese). Because Gartic Phone is a browser-based game, there are no limitations regarding where it can be played.

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