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Guide To Selecting The Best Cabinet Hinges

When it comes to choosing cabinet hinges, you need to keep a check on their style and functionality. These two factors will play an essential role in boosting your doors and cabinets’ overall performance and aesthetics. 

Choosing the right cabinet hinges becomes extremely important when you have a modern kitchen. While it may seem easy, there is a lot of planning and considerations to do. 

What Are The Different Types Of Cabinet Hinges? 

You must be familiar with cabinet hinges to make the right choice. Some of the most common types of cabinet hinges include:

  1. H And HL Cabinet hinge

This type of hinge gets its name from the shape they resemble. They are directly installed on the cabinet’s surface and cannot be adjusted. The H and HL Cabinet hinges are available in various finishes. 

  1. Partial Wrap Cabinet Hinges

These hinges offer stability and functionality. The partial cabinet hinges cover two sides of the frame. These are perfect for flush, inset overlay and overlay cabinet doors. 

  1. Full Wrap Cabinet Hinges

These hinges are screwed to the frame’s edge, wherein the three sides of the frames are wrapped. It helps to increase operational stability. The full wrap cabinet hinges are compatible with flush, overlay, and inset cabinet doors. 

  1. Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

These hinges are the surface mount types. These close very gently, irrespective of how much force is applied to closing the door. These are extremely popular among families as they lower the risk of injuries and make less noise. Comparatively, the soft close cabinet hinges have the precision adjustable feature. 

  1. Self Closing Cabinet Hinges

The self-closing cabinet hinges are a complete lifesaver. They have built-in springs that enable the users to close the door quickly. As the user, you need to give a gentle nudge. On reaching the point of the closing process, the spring will activate, and the door will close. Therefore, closing the cabinet door is a much more secure and easier process. 

  1. Demountable Cabinet Hinges

The demountable cabinet hinges are available in two types- single and doubt. These hinges are pretty helpful when you are cleaning or renovating the cabinets. The single ones will be installed on the front of the cabinet frame using screws. For the double cabinet hinges, one will be on the frame and the other on the door’s edge. 

What Are The Features Of Cabinet Hinges?

Aesthetics and functionality- these two elements combine to make the features of the best cabinet hinges. Given below are some of the prominent features that you must look forward to while choosing cabinet hinges:

  1. Decorative

When getting a cabinet hinge, you need to focus on its functionality. However, it would help if you did not miss out on the aesthetic or decorative part, as it will play a significant role in improving the look of your cabinet. 

  1. Heavy-duty

The heavy-duty hinges are designed to hold the doors’ weight. Moreover, these also help to manage the balance for daily use. 

  1. Surface Mount

The surface mounts are frameless motions. These hinges are installed in the inner part of the door, where the users need a high swing without the frame touching. The surface mount features adjustable frame motions. 

  1. Inset

The inset hinges have two sides- a narrow and a wide. The thin side will attach to the door frame, whereas the more expansive side will attach itself to the inner part of the door. People observing from a distance can only see the narrower side. 

Tips For Cabinet Hinges Installation

Now that you know about the different types of hinges and their features, it is crucial to know the tips for installing the cabinet hinges too. 

If you are building a cabinet from scratch, you will have the flexibility to choose any hinge. You might as well use parts of antique upholstered chairs and furniture to make strong and durable cabinets. 

If replacing the hinge on a cabinet, make sure to install something the manufacturer has used. You might as well consider upgrading the hinge and buying something with the same functionality but newer features. 

Decorate Your Cabinets The Right Way

Irrespective of where you have placed your cabinets, once you install the hinges, you must properly decorate them too. You may consider checking out the LED panel light factory and choosing the lights that cater to your needs the most. These lights can be one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetics of your cabinets. 

You may get strip LED lights installed across the kitchen cabinets. This will help to keep away the darkness and find your stored items easily. The decoration of cabinets will also depend on the region where you’re installing these cabinets. 


When choosing the cabinet hinges, you must consider various factors, as mentioned above. Installing the hinges becomes quite flexible when building the cabinet from scratch. Furthermore, the hinges you choose depend on where you install the cabinet. 

You may get in touch with an interior designer to understand which would be a durable hinge. You should also decorate the cabinets after the hinges’ installation and place them in their designated areas. 

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