How Football Began: A History of the Beautiful Game

When you think of the most popular sports globally, you likely think of Football (also known as soccer in some countries), baseball, basketball, hockey, and volleyball. All of these games have been played before 2000 BC in the case of hockey and volleyball, but no one has been up to football. Football has its origins so far back that they’re difficult to trace – it’s all but impossible to say who invented the game and when they did it!


When did football start?

Some Greek and Roman men played the earliest known football game in history as early as 50 BC. It is believed that it originated from ancient rugby sports and English public schools, where children were allowed to play games during the winter, starting different versions of football. Children also often played hurling games that involved hitting a smaller ball through arch-shaped goals with their feet. The more formal version of these games soon became established in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand around 1880.

The different types of football

​There are several different types of football, each with its own set of rules. While most people are familiar with American football and soccer, there are also popular versions of gridiron played around the world. ​Other games include rugby and Australian rules football. Many sports share similar origins but evolved in different ways over time. In Canada, ice hockey developed from a game called hurley (or hurling) that was popular in England centuries ago. Hurley is basically what we now know as field hockey.

The first ever goal was scored in an official match.

According to accounts, in 1869, a player named Charles William Miller was playing for Cambridge University against their rivals Oxford. In front of several hundred spectators, Miller kicked a ball between two players from his team and into the goal. The first-ever goal was scored in an official match. This goal was quickly followed by another one and then another, making it 3-0 in favor of Cambridge.

The formation of FIFA

Formed in 1904, FIFA is the governing body of football. Although it was founded in Paris and headquartered there for many years, it has since moved to Zurich. The organization’s name comes from Fédération Internationale de Football Association (English: International Federation of Association Football). Since soccer is often known as football throughout much of Europe and Latin America, FIFA works to standardize rules and organize competitions between its member associations across the globe.

The first World Cup match

It was played in Uruguay, and there were 13 teams involved. It took place in 1930, and Brazil walked away with its first World Cup title.

Different national teams and their achievements

The United States, Mexico, and Brazil are examples of countries where football is top-rated. However, many countries have different teams that are very passionate about playing football. In recent years national team rankings for men’s teams have been dominated by Germany, Brazil, and Argentina. Although not as prominent as in men’s play, women’s football has achieved significant popularity; Germany is considered one of its major powers.

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