How To Create Your Telegram Topic

How To Create Your Telegram Topic

Create Your Telegram Topic

Telegram is a messaging app that lets you send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type. It’s super secure and works on both your phone and desktop. And best of all? You can create your own theme and robot for it!

1. Go to the Telegram app

The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the Telegram app. You can find it on iOS and Android, but also web and desktop. Telegram has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome as well!

Once that’s done you should see a screen like this:

Now it’s time to start creating your telegram topic!

2. Search @BotFather

The search bar is located at the bottom of your chat window. Type @BotFather and press enter, or you can also type /newsbot in the chat window and press enter.

If you have a group chat with multiple people, then all of those who are part of that group will see your message as well.

3. Type /newsbot and follow the instructions

Once you’ve selected a username for your bot, you’ll be taken to the next screen. Here’s where things get tricky: finding @BotFather. The first thing that pops up is a button labeled “New Bot.” Press it and wait to see if anything happens. If nothing does, then it may have timed out, so try sending another message like /getMeBots and see if anything happens (this usually works because of @BotFather checks your messages every few minutes).

If this doesn’t work either, then maybe @BotFather isn’t online right now. You can try again later—or just wait until you’ve completed steps 1–3 before getting started on step 4 altogether!

4. Make a new Telegram bot

When you make a new telegram robot, by sending a /newsbot message to @BotFather – it will return some information about your new bot in response.

The first step to making your topic is by creating a new Telegram bot. To do that, send a /newsbot message to @BotFather and it will return some information about your new bot in response. The response will include the token which is a unique string that identifies your bot and username, which is the name of your bot.

If you’re looking for ways to create your own Telegram topics, here are some tips:

-Think about what your audience would find interesting, relevant, or exciting

-Create content that’s going to resonate with them

-Use keywords that will help you reach the right people

Have fun creating your topics!

Telegram is a fun way to connect with others, and it’s a great way to meet new people. Now that you know how to create your telegram topics, what are you waiting for? Add me on Telegram!


That’s it! Now you have a telegram bot. You can use it as a platform for your custom topic, or use one of the many other bots to learn more about the community.

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