How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

Facebook is the most popular online social media and social networking service. The fact is, almost every aspect of our daily lives is mirrored on Facebook. For some, it is an addiction, while for some, it is an obsession. Every user knows how to use Facebook to its full potential. Almost everybody using the Internet, barring a few exceptional cases, has a Facebook profile. I have often heard people say how they traced their kindergarten friends on Facebook. Sounds so good and plentiful. So how do others without a Facebook account trace their kindergarten mates on Facebook? A few options help you search for someone on Facebook without creating an account to log in.

Before you start the search, you must remember that many members opt for the search privacy settings. The member’s details will not be displayed on the public search results page in such cases. It is a precautionary measure to prevent non-Facebook members from accessing a member’s details.

Use Facebook Directory to Find Someone Without Login

Facebook Directory is very similar to the yellow pages because it lists all the people who are active Facebook users. You can search for people by typing their Facebook profile names in the search box, or you can browse for people alphabetically by their terms. The directory also lists pages with maximum fans and places with maximum check-ins.

Using the URL – you can search for a person on the Facebook Directory without logging in.

The search results page displays the matching list of names that you are looking for.

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

People Search

The People Search page on Facebook is its own official search page. You can type in the name of the person you are looking for and the search result displays a list of profiles with the same name.

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

Identify the one that you are looking for and “happy connecting” with a long-lost friend! However, if you have failed to find the person you were looking for, you can further narrow down the search. You can provide additional details like city, school, college, etc. If you still did not succeed, then maybe the person has masked all personal details. So how about creating an account on Facebook and starting looking again?

Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free Social Media Search Engine that allows you to search for people and content on various social networks.  You can search for people without logging in or for publicly posted information by them on various social networking sites including Facebook.

The search result displays the matching account names along with their recent activities from different social networking sites.

Google Search

Whenever you ask a friend or a relative for specific information, the immediate response is “Google it”. Similarly, you can use Google search to look for someone on Facebook. For an accurate Google search result, provide the following search string: site: Name.  Ensure that you replace the “Name” in the string with the actual person’s name you are looking for. The search result displays all the matching profiles. Clicking on a specific profile redirects you to the People Search page of Facebook.

Browser Add-Ons

Another popular search option to look for someone on Facebook is the Browser Add-Ons. There are quite a few add-ons available that you can download for free and search for people on Facebook without logging in. Listing all the add-ons in this article is not feasible. However, I will provide a brief introduction to the two most popular add-ons.

People Search Engine

It is a Firefox add-on that you can use to search for people on Facebook without logging in.

All in One Internet Search

It is a Chrome extension that can also be used to search for people on Facebook without logging in.

Using the methods above, you can find people, pages, groups,s or other relevant details on Facebook. But to connect, share, comment, etc. you have to create a Facebook account.

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