How to Get More Followers on Facebook Page

Facebook remains among the top renowned social networks around the world. 2.5 million advertisers and over 50 million small business pages are registered on the site. To be successful in this competitive market, you, as a business or marketing owner, need to keep up with the current trends and choose the most appropriate strategy. Here are some successful hacks for increasing the reach of a Facebook page and gaining page likes.

Let’s begin with the basic setup of the Facebook Business page.

Think of Search Friendly Page and User Names

When you’ve set up your Facebook page, consider the name. The right names for your page on Facebook are crucial to improving SEO. When optimizing your search engine, it is suggested to use keywords everywhere, including within the page’s name.

Have you seen pages with names such as “Mike’s Bakery – Pies, Bagels, Buns, Croissants — NY”? The technique is not related to SEO-friendly, but it does hurt your presence on Facebook. Choose a name that best represents your company. Be sure to stay clear of generic terms such as “Pastry,” “Sports goods,” “Traveling,” etc.

Optimize Your Branding (Cover Photo as a Tool, Add Video to Cover Photo)

The pictures you select to portray your brand’s image are crucial in creating the beginning impression about your profile because they are among the primary factors people pay when they visit your profile. For your cover picture, look professional; consider that it will be displayed at 820 312 pixels for desktops and 360 pixels x 640 pixels on mobile phones. Make sure that it is not less than 399 pixels or 150 pixels. Images with 820 pixels x 462 pixels will look nice on mobile and desktop screens click here.

Do you think static images are old-fashioned and boring? Since this is how people consume their media, Facebook has recently launched an innovative feature that allows you to use videos rather than a cover picture. In contrast to a single photo, an image cover video can tell more about your company and the benefits it offers. The recommended size for such a video must be 820×462 pixels.

Fill in Your Business Info Facebook

In the section on business information In the business info section, you will need to provide the date your company was founded or the date of the official launch of your item. Also, you will need to establish the mission of your organization. Be careful not to put a lot of commonplace words. It is recommended to first look at the most popular Facebook commercial pages and be motivated. You can now write an effective mission statement that Facebook users will appreciate.

Hack Your About Section

The “About us” must briefly define what your company’s all about. For people visiting your page, it’s easy to read this section and then go through your entire Facebook page and waste their time. Include a list with a description of the products or services you offer and at least two links that can be clicked to your blog, website, Amazon listing, etc.

Give Functional Description in Company Overview

The description you provide in your company overview must be as functional as possible. Inform people about who you are and what you do, but use short, simple phrases.

Add a Story Facebook

Customers who are interested in your services may look deeper into more about your company. Therefore, you must offer them this chance by filling out your story section. Include any additional information that will help describe your brand or business in a more detailed manner, such as the event that motivated you to establish your business, the team award, the team, and other information that will aid the reader in determining whether they can trust your brand.

Customize Your Tabs (Apps)

Simplicity is the most important factor when it comes to Facebook page personalization. Modify your apps to increase the efficiency of your Facebook page. Ideally, you should pick just two or three that are the most significant. However, don’t worry about it because other tabs are accessible via the More link.

Create Custom URL Facebook

A default URL with the number of numbers in it isn’t very effective, and your company’s actual name as your username could be ideal (if only it’s not too long or complex to write correctly). But, you need to possess a minimum of 25 fans to be able to customize the URL of your Facebook.

Add Call-To-Action Button According to Your Goals

The buttons are designed to aid your readers in taking action and increase traffic to your website. Click “+ Add a Button” beneath the cover photo. Please select an option from the menu, and fill in the necessary details. Select “Add Button.” You may want to design buttons such as “Subscribe,” “Buy Now,” “Download,” “Read More,” “Watch The Tutorial,” etc.

In addition, you’ll be able to determine how many people clicked on the CTA button by pressing the drop-down arrow next to your button and choosing “View Insights.” Little tip: Make sure you match the content on your cover image to the message on the message on your CTA button. For instance, if you’re promoting an album’s release or a new release, you could use the “Order Now” button would be an ideal option.

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