How to Get More Spotify Followers (Tips for Musicians)?

Looking for greater Spotify fans? As of 2018, Spotify is the pinnacle song streaming subscription platform proper now worldwide with over 207 million energetic customers (ninety-six million are paying subscribers). As About Spotify Followers maintains to develop and provide new equipment to help you succeed as an independent artist, it makes sense to devote time and effort to growing your number of followers on this platform.

One of the biggest benefits of getting Spotify followers is that lovers acquire email notifications when you put a new track on Spotify or announce new shows (in case you use Songkick.Com). Your songs additionally show up on their Release Radar playlist and probable other algorithmic playlists from Spotify.

Important Note: Before leaping into doing these things, I assume it’s critical to reflect on consideration of your fan’s funnels and which Spotify suits your tune marketing. For a few artists, it is able to make an extra experience to build up your Instagram fans, YouTube subscribers or maybe SoundCloud numbers (assuming they stick around plenty longer).

Yes, track streaming is the future and it isn’t always going anywhere. But, I’m simply putting this accessible so that you’re now not blindly investing in Spotify because it’s the trend, but then later knowing it becomes a waste of time and money on your average advertising strategy.

Claim Your Artist Profile on Spotify

Before doing anything else, step one is to claim your artist profile on Spotify.

When I asked for access to a number of the artists I work with, it required me to verify via the artist’s Twitter account so hold that during mind that you can need to have that available.

Taking this step isn’t important to get extra followers, but it’s nonetheless an essential facts resource that every artist has to have access to. Best of all, you get a blue checkmark for your profile that indicates everybody you’re legitimate!

Also, some of the tips stated underneath require equipment or functions handiest to be had for folks who request get right of entry to their Spotify artist profiles.

After you have got been granted access and control over your Spotify profile, download the Spotify for Artists app (iOs).

Check out some of the hints under on how you could boom your fans on Spotify.

Add a ‘Follow’ Button for your Website

If you log in to Spotify for Artists, click on on ‘Tools’ to get admission to the Follow button widget. Placing this code in your website will create a button that makes it clean for site visitors to follow you on Spotify with a click of a button.

You can also embed a playlist to your internet site subsequent to your compliance with the button. Create a playlist with all of your songs, your quality songs or maybe the brand new releases on top. This gives visitors a clue that you’re on Spotify so they will be more likely to follow you.

The only disadvantage with the usage of Spotify as your internet site track player is they need a Spotify account to concentrate on. Ideally for your website, you need to apply an audio player like Bandcamp or SoundCloud so site visitors can easily pay attention to your tune.

Ask on Social Media

One of the primary stuff you should do is ask your enthusiasts on social media to follow you on Spotify. Just saying, “hi there comply with me on Spotify” won’t be a great manner so try to be a bit innovative. At the very least, you have to explain why following you benefit them and enables you as well.

The fundamental gain to them is they can get notifications when you have a new tune on Spotify, in order that they can be the primary within the realize or not pass over out to your new releases.

Lastly, don’t neglect to ask your buddies and circle of relatives too.

Send an Email to your Mailing List

Assuming you’ve been constructing an e-mail listing on an online platform like Mailchimp, send an electronic mail out to invite your fanatics to comply with you on Spotify. Again, just asking may also come off a bit boring so be creative. You can tie in an incentive like, “if I get x amount of followers, I will launch a brand new music or video for you.”

Ask at Your Live Show

At some part of your set, perhaps in the middle or in the direction of the stop, let fans recognize that they are able to follow you on Spotify if they prefer what they’re listening to. You can incentivize them with a discount on your merch if they display to you that they followed you on Spotify.

Keep Creating Music

If you’re continuously setting the new tracks on Spotify, you may condition humans to just comply with you certainly to hold up along with your releases. It gives greater purpose and benefit for enthusiasts to do so. After all, harping on fanatics to follow you on Spotify when you’ve simplest published five songs for the past couple of years isn’t the most convincing or worth their time.


Promote this playlist on social media or even on your Spotify profile. Obviously, don’t fill it up with a group of your very own songs, you want it to be a good mix that suits the subject matter. Share those playlists on social media or even tag some of the opposite artists you’ve protected.

The concept is to get others to love and share your playlists so it is able to give you some publicity to new audiences and in the long run, a few follow.

In addition to getting Spotify fans, you need listeners to keep/like your track and add it to their playlists. These metrics help enhance your possibilities of Spotify recommending your songs to new ability fans through algorithmic playlists (Discover Weekly and Release Radar), which can give you extra exposure. I wrote a guide about Spotify playlists in which you may study more.

You also can publish your tune to Spotify to be considered on considered one of their Editorial playlists. This is a wonderful manner to get extra exposure and potentially greater Spotify followers for FREE!

Use Follow-gates

There are various tools obtainable that will let you alternate a track-down load for a follow on Spotify. The fee of a loose download isn’t what it was once within the contemporary track streaming weather, so it’s definitely important to make the download enticing or special.

If it’s a reality exact tune or remix that people want, make it one-of-a-kind so that in the handiest manner they could download it’s far with the aid of either following you on Spotify or giving their email address.

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