How to See Dislikes on Youtube?

How To See Dislikes on Youtube?

Appreciation on social platforms like YouTube can be defined in terms of good Youtube likes, shares, followers, and subscribers you have. These factors also determine the success or failure of that particular social account.

Talking specifically about YouTube, you can determine the success of your channel through the number of subscribers and watch-hours you have on your videos. The quality of your videos can thus be determined by the number of likes and dislikes on your videos. In this way, if a person visits your YouTube channel for the first time, these factors will immediately tell them everything about your position on YouTube. 

Before someone else judges you, you yourself may want to view the likes or dislikes on your YouTube videos. If you are serious about your channel and are looking forward to enhancing the quality of your content, you can do it simply by analyzing the dislikes on your videos. For that, you must know the exact dislike count on your videos.

It is possible to view your dislikes on your YouTube videos. But you must first have to consider the YouTube policy about that. Then you must take further steps. 

See your YouTube Dislikes

Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow direct access to the dislike you may have on your videos. The reasons for that are straightforward. With the progression of time and the increase in the overall number of creators on YouTube, the content was repeated.

Though molded according to the mentality of the creator, this repetitiveness had negative impacts on creation, which resulted in an increase in dislikes. In the pandemic era, it started creating adverse effects on creators and hence resulted in their discouragement. To avoid it, YouTube stopped giving access to the dislike you may have. Still, you can see the number of dislikes on your videos, but the name of the person who disliked it remains anonymous. 

From YouTube Settings:

  • Open your YouTube channel on the device you use for uploading videos. 
  • Now click your profile picture or the picture you have set on display for your channel. 
  • Now, tap “My Videos” from the main settings of your YouTube control. 
  • Scroll through your videos and try to find the video you dislike that you want to see. 
  • Once open, go to the statistics of that video to check the activity on that video. Directly opening the video will also show you the main activities.
  • Either way, when adopted, try to check the number of likes and dislikes you have earned so far. 

YouTube will provide the total number of dislikes you have on that particular video. But, you will not be able to view the profile of the people who have disliked it individually. 

Using Third Party Service:

If due, for any reason, you remain unable to view your YouTube dislikes, you can also get assistance from some online services. These platforms are specifically designed to visualize your YouTube dislikes. All you have to do is to search online and select the one you think is the best. Once chosen, try to add the extension of that particular service in your browser. Using such services, you can determine the exact number of likes and dislikes you have received on your YouTube videos. 

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