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Jurassic World Dominion; Why Did It Fail As A Legacy Sequel?

Jurassic Park premiered in 1993. The last film in the rebooted trilogy, Jurassic World Dominion, A series that started in 1993, more than 20 years ago, with the first instalment, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World is officially back in theatres for the summer, with an attempt to capture the hearts and minds of audiences for the sixth time since is slated to be one of many blockbusters hitting cinemas this year, was finally coming to an end. Dubbed the conclusion to the Jurassic era, adults and children alike were all rushing to the cinemas as soon as the movie was released. However, there were many mixed reviews and feelings regarding this movie. Jurassic World: Dominion has received a frosty reception from many, and the sequel’s biggest failing is its misleading marketing before release.

Why Did It Fail As A Legacy Sequel?

Before we get into the details of why the movie was a flop, we should warn you that this blog will inevitably contain spoilers from the movie and so, SPOILER ALERT! But before you leave, if you are looking into where you can stream this movie, you can find it on Peacock, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime amongst other options.

To stream smoothly without interruptions, be sure you have a steady internet connection. And if you are looking into switching your old and unreliable internet connection, try TDS internet. They offer speeds up to 100 Mbps, which is perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading. And, TDS High-Speed internet prices are very reasonable. Moving on, the point of this blog is to discuss in detail what we think went wrong with this movie. Let’s get right into the article with that out of the way.

The Characters

First things first, we should talk about the characters in this movie. Aside from the cast from Jurassic World, Owen Grady played by Chris Pratt, Claire Dearing played by Bryce Dallas Howard, and Maisie Lockwood played by Isabella Sermon, in the last movie, the writers and creators decided to bring back the original cast from the Jurassic Park trilogy as well. If you remember, these characters are Alan Grant played by Sam Neill, Ellie Sattler played by Laura Dern, and Ian Malcolm played by Jeff Goldblum.

The Story

So, let’s talk about the story of the film. What exactly is the storyline of this movie? The last movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, ends at a point where Maisie releases the dinosaurs into the world to live among humans. In previous movies, you might remember that the dinosaurs have always been isolated on an island, thus, they were restricted and could not reach humans.

This time, however, the dinosaurs are somewhat coexisting with other animals and humans. Though, it is not with much success. There are many dinosaur-related deaths and incidents, and we see that people have also started to traffic these animals or use them for sport. The dinosaur black market is also now a thing, unfortunately.

On the other hand, Ellie is busy investigating the recent problem of giant and modified locusts eating up people’s crops causing a shortage of food throughout the world. She suspects Biosyn is behind this and goes to see Alan to convince him to join her on her quest to expose Biosyn and its lies. Why Did It Fail As A Legacy Sequel? Ian happens to be an in-house philosopher working for Biosyn and he secretly contacts Ellie to invite her and aid her in this mission.

Fast forward, Ellie and Alan meet Maisie, who has also been brought to Biosyn to study her and Beta’s DNA. All four of them, including Malcolm, are aided by Ramsey Cole, the communications director at Biosyn. Somehow, they manage to escape with a locust sample from Biosyn’s lab and meet up with Owen, Claire, and Kayla, a pilot from the black market who sympathized with them and brought them this far.

The verdict

It is clear from the beginning that the creators and writers of this movie wanted to bring the series to an epic conclusion in the best possible way by merging the main cast with the new cast. However, we believe, it was a complete failure. We think that because as you watch the movie, you see that there is no “fear” factor when it comes to dinosaurs anymore. The same fear and adrenaline rush that you experienced as a child, or even an adult, during the first few movies of Jurassic Park is not there.

Additionally, the original trio that was brought back from Jurassic Park feels just like they’ve been added in at the last minute. It doesn’t seem like they have a crucial role and are just tagging along with the new cast. This fact is apparent especially when both groups meet towards the end of the movie and there is not much interaction aside from the typical, “Oh, I know you! I read your book!”


While we could go on and on about what more is wrong with this movie, we feel it is enough to end it for now. Maybe you have also come across something we might have missed here when you watched the movie and we wouldn’t be surprised. As a film, is Jurassic World Dominion a good movie? From a child’s point of view, yes, it is. It gives way to the imagination for a new world and gives children a new dinosaur toy to play with and cry about in stores. However, as an ending to the Jurassic series, or even just a sequel? The story falls flat and leaves viewers dissatisfied.

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