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Meeting a Divorce Attorney in Kenosha: Things to Talk About

Filing for divorce in Kenosha can be a difficult step. People often have the most challenging time dealing with the consequences of a broken marriage. Dwelling in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy is certainly not the right step, but the legal process is not easy either. You need the support of your loved ones and must seek legal representation from an experienced divorce attorney Kenosha. If you are meeting a lawyer for the first time, here are some things to discuss.

  1. The actual situation: Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, and therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your spouse has cheated on you. However, it would be best to discuss the situation with your attorney. Is your spouse likely to cooperate throughout the process? Do you expect battles on matters like child custody and distribution of assets? A lawyer needs to know every detail to guide you further.
  2. Marital wealth: When a couple owns significant assets, the divorce is likely to be more complicated and long-drawn, especially if there is no agreement on how the wealth would be divided. Let your lawyer know about the financial circumstances so that you can understand what is yours to keep and the rights you have.
  3. The lawyer’s experience: Does the lawyer have experience handling similar divorces in Kenosha? Do they take cases where there is a dispute involved? If yes, can they represent you in court? You need to know what an attorney can do before you get them on board. You can also ask for references or check online for reviews.
  4. Your expectations: What do you want from the divorce? Are you keen on keeping the primary custody of your kids? Do you want the house? Do you wish to keep the family pet? Letting your attorney know about the expectations you have from the process is important because that determines the kind of strategy they need to employ.
  5. Other critical issues: Domestic violence is a serious concern in many divorces. Many couples also have an ugly legal battle over spousal support. If specific problems need attention, talk to your lawyer in detail.

Divorce attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in representing clients who are going through a divorce. They can provide a range of services to their clients, including:

Legal advice: Divorce attorneys can provide legal advice to their clients about their rights and obligations under the law. They can help clients understand the divorce process and guide them through the legal requirements for filing for divorce.

Document preparation: Divorce attorneys can prepare the necessary legal documents for their clients, including divorce petitions, settlement agreements, and parenting plans.

Negotiation: Divorce attorneys can negotiate on behalf of their clients with the other party or their attorney to reach a settlement agreement. They can advocate for their client’s interests and work to ensure that their client’s rights are protected.

Also, don’t forget to discuss the attorney’s fees in advance. There are other expenses that you may have to pay for, and it is best to have an estimate. Lawyers usually charge a fixed rate for uncontested divorces, but that may vary between firms. It would help if you also asked the lawyer about the support, they expect from you.

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