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Press Release Price Should Worth Every Penny: 5 Common PR Mistakes to Avoid

“Successful”, “Effective”, and “Good for the Company”, are reasons that even after the internet has taken over the world press releases are still trending and will never go out of fashion. But, overindulgence can be harmful, if you are not following the correct path to distribute your press release. Here are 9 common mistakes that you must avoid while distributing your PR.

1. The Topic is not Newsworthy Enough

Every company sets aside a budget to work on its marketing and distributive works. In this case, choosing a topic that is now catchy enough will always work as a de-motivating factor for your press release distribution. To receive back the same amount of your press release price, then make sure the topic of the PR is newsworthy enough. Common topics that are good for a PR distribution;

  • Product News
  • Award News
  • Event News
  • Collaborations News
  • News on any recent changes
  • Authority related News

Use these sorts of news to engage the maximum number of people successfully in your PR campaign. Apart from that you can choose any news that is true and uplifts your company name to your target audience in a good way.

2. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

As a continuation of the previous point, you need to know who your target audience is. Suppose, you sell woolen sloths and equator line countries are being nudged by your PR will not deliver you any growth in your business. And the internet allows us to be mindful of whom to share the news with to gain the maximum benefits. Based on country, gender, and various other aspects you must choose your target audience otherwise the press release will chase the wild goose and you will not see any difference in your conversion rates. 

3. Deviating from Usual PR Formats

Another common press release mistake is not following a proper format while you write the PR. The conventional format is quite easy to follow:

  • Title
  • Date and Location
  • Summary
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Boilerplate

These are the common PR format that everyone must follow. Depending on the topic and the gravity of the topic you will choose the word count of the PR. Ideally, it should remain between 300 and 500, exceeding that can make your readers uninterested in the news. Yet, you all must have known by now the importance of SEO in your PR.

4. Not Including Visuals in Your PR

This mistake has been done several times, but you mustn’t make this mistake. Not including any visuals or multimedia in your press release will not make your readers more engaged. On the contrary, including visuals and multimedia will keep your readers enticed and engaged with your content.

5. Not Including Social Media Engagement

Even if, your personal thoughts about social are not that impressive but you need to include social media distribution as a part of your PR campaign, as social media can bring heavy web traffic which will lead to further business growth. And you need to make sure the write-up is social media friendly as well with easily understandable words.

Few Other Commonly Made Mistakes:

  • Choosing the Wrong Distribution Services
  • Limited Distribution Channels
  • Choosing the Wrong Time Distribute your PR
  • Not Tracking the Performances of Your Distributed PR
  • Choosing a Lot of SEO-friendly Words
  • Too Many Hyperlinks

As you have already known, press release runs in company expenses but it doesn’t mean that making these mistakes will be encouraged. So next time you are ready to distribute your press release make sure these mistakes are properly avoided and you will get a successful PR campaign in return.

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