Rainbow High Dolls

A collection of 11″ dolls called the Rainbow High Dolls were created by MGA Entertainment. All of the Rainbow High Dolls have the same body form, which hasn’t been altered, although having different colour schemes and styles.

The male dolls are the sole exception to this rule. The female dolls’ same body types make it simple for them to mix and match any kind of apparel, giving each doll a variety of styles. Here you go with their anatomy;

Head of Rainbow High Dolls

The hard plastic is used to make both the head and body. Being slightly softer than the body, the head softens when submerged in hot water. Every head has “genuine” eyelashes that are implanted and each doll has a different makeup style.

Except for River Kendall, who was the sole male character at the time and had a different head mould, all dolls had the same head mould until the twins and Series 3 were released. Here is a list of the basic head moulds that have been created thus far, along with modifications that include various lips and noses.

Female Sculpts

Classic Head Sculpt

The Series 1 and Series 2 female dolls, as well as other characters from other lines, include the mould for the brand’s original head sculpt, known as the Classic Head Sculpt.

Twins Head Sculpt

As the name implies, this mould was first observed after the debut of Holly and Laurel De’Vious. Sheryl Meyer, Brianna Dulce, and Carmen Major all share this mould; the eyes are a little bit smaller and inclined inwards than the Classic cast.

Monolid Eyes Head Sculpt

Initialised in Series 3. Compared to the Classic and Twins moulds, the eyes are less round and upward-looking and are smaller.

Junior High Head Sculpt

All characters in the line follow this mould, which was first used with the Rainbow Junior High Series 1 line. The only difference between it and the Classic sculpt is that it has been scaled down to be a little bit smaller to better fit the younger versions of the key characters.

Male Sculpts

Classic Masculine Head Sculpt

This mould fits River Kendall and Finn Rosado. Compared to the female mould, the head is smaller, and the face’s features are often more defined and square.

Masculine Monolid Eyes Head Sculpt

The first doll made from this mould was Ash Silverstone. When compared to the Classic Masculine mould, the eyes are smaller and more almond-shaped.

Inset Eyes of Rainbow High Dolls

Each doll has attached eyelashes and inset eyes. Some dolls may have the same inset eyes, while others may have their distinctive design.

Widely Used Inset Eyes

  • Amaya Raine, Violet Willow, and Poppy Rowan all employ inset eyes that are purple and blue.
  • Ruby Anderson, Bella Parker, and Mila Berrymore all have inset eyes that are pink or purple. Bella’s inset eyes are just slightly lighter than Sunny and Jade’s.
  • Avery Styles, Brianna Dulce, and Simone Summers all utilise periwinkle inset eyes.
  • Karma Nichols, Sheryl Meyer, Marisa Golding, Vanessa Tempo, Harper Dune, Finn Rosado, Meena Fleur, and Coco Vanderbilt all employ inset eyes that are brown or yellow.
  • Georgia Bloom and Kia Hart both employ inset eyes that are pink or brown.

Unique Inset Eyes

  • Sunny Madison uses inset eyes that are yellow and green.
  • Jade Hunter uses inset eyes with the colours green and blue.
  • Laurel De’Vious wears brown with pink, red, orange, and yellow inset eyes.
  • Daria Roselyn uses the inset eyes in cyan and pink.
  • Daphne Minton uses inset eyes with colours of mint and brown.
  • Skyler Bradshaw uses inset eyes that are blue.
  • Email Vanda uses inset eyes that are dark purple and sky blue.
  • River Kendall is the only one that uses the light blue/grey inset eyes.
  • Krystal Bailey uses inset eyes in the colours indigo and blue.
  • Phaedra Westward wears a deep reddish brown outfit with pink eyes.
  • Jewel Richie uses inlaid eyes that are emerald green.

Hands Of Rainbow High Dolls

The hands can be readily removed to prevent clothing from becoming hooked on them, but if you do it carelessly and repeatedly, the hands could also easily loosen, break, or even fall off. It is advised that you return the doll to the retailer you purchased it from or the person who sold it to you if it arrived with broken hands right out of the box.

The hands of both the male and female dolls are made of premium hard plastic, much like the head. It is placed in a gripping motion, enabling the dolls to hold a variety of objects including food, phones, and other role-playing miniatures.

A Rainbow High Dolls‘s standard masculine hand, as displayed. The hands on the male dolls are distinct. Although they resemble feminine hands, the fingers have a more manly aspect, seeming thicker, larger, and with a little more dimension.

The hands of the female Shadow High dolls are modified Rainbow High hands with longer, sharper nails. A ring that is moulded onto Heather Grayson’s thumb is also visible on her left hand.

Legs Of Rainbow High Dolls

The exposed knee peg and both kinds of separated legs, flat and arched, as demonstrated by Margot. A pair of lower legs with arched feet and a pair with flat feet are interchangeable; they were initially used in the Pacific Coast series of dolls.

The lower knee is where the doll’s legs attach to the rest of the body. Simply support the doll’s top leg and pull the lower leg off to remove a leg. An “L” or “R” is etched into the inside of the legs and the exposed knee peg to designate which leg is the left and which is the right.

You cannot put the leg on because the knee pegs on each side are slightly different from one another.

Final Notes

A doll is more prone to become stained and soiled the longer it is kept in the box. As it was a common occurrence for the pom-pom accessories that are attached to the dolls’ hands to eventually stain onto the dolls’ hands, turning the dolls’ hands blue, red, yellow, green, orange, or purple depending on the doll you had, the Cheer dolls were the first widely recognized case of staining. So, this was all about the Rainbow High Dolls‘ anatomy. We hope that you loved this.

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