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Real Estate Guide 101: How do Agents Work?

The real estate industry is highly competitive. Especially in developing countries, the most common type of investment is in real estate. To get involved in the real estate market one needs to consult professionals to ensure they make the right investment and are not defrauded by any means. So if you are planning to buy or rent houses in blue world city in Islamabad or any other housing scheme, a real estate agent can guide you. 

However, if you choose to work with a team of real estate agents, it’s for the best. To better understand this notion, here you will learn about real estate teams, and how they work, so you can make a decision whether to work with them or not. 

What is a real estate team? 

A real estate team is a group of professional agents working together and sharing commissions. Instead of working with a single real estate agent, you can choose to work with an entire team. It does not involve any set procedures that you need to follow. The team members pitch in the best strategy for the clients. 

Every real estate team member harnesses particular skill sets, their roles are defined within the team. For instance, one agent may be in charge of the house listings, while another is in charge of open houses to give tours to their clients. 

Teams significantly have more advantages and they learn from shared experiences. They are provided proper training and mentoring to furnish their skillset. 

Learn about the real estate team aspects  

1- The team leader

The real estate agent who handles the listings is usually the team leader. The role of team leaders is to make the listings, then team members work alongside the buyers. In certain circumstances, team members are encouraged to pursue listings too. For whatever client they bring in they get the commission for it. 

A team member can’t be at all places all the time. Therefore the support of his team is crucial to making a successful deal with clients. Team members can hold four or five open houses simultaneously on the behalf of their team leader. 

The more open houses clients attend, the more busy a day is which results in more profits. 

2- The compensation 

A team leader can compensate his team members in multiple ways. They can pay a flat rate to the salaried associate or it can be a portion of the commission to a specific percentage based on the performance. 

Or it can be a combination of the above two methods. 

Usually, teams prefer to work on a commission basis. This way the splits are consistent between team members and their leader. 

3- Fiduciary relationships 

Contrary to the popular belief, real estate agents work with a single agency. Some choose to work individually but still need the affiliation of a stronghold company on their backend to ensure credibility. 

Therefore it is easier to work with a team of real estate agents who work for an agency. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller from which the client can benefit too. It is workable because each real estate agent is representative of his company. So whichever agent brings in the client they will keep their interest in mind. 

In case of respective questions and for some reason real estate agents are not available the client can go to the company instead to have their query answered. 

4- Pros and cons of real estate teams 

A professional team of real estate agents assigns two or sometimes more agents with shared experiences. Thi way the client does not have to pay extra, hence the benefit. Clients also gain much knowledge by brainstorming the ideas and rates of the real estate market. 

Any of the team members can pitch to the prospective buyer/seller on behalf of their client. This way the client does not feel neglected either. 

The one downside a client may experience is that they may have to work with a different agent during the point of sales or the buying/selling process. This can make the client a bit uncomfortable if the agent is not on the same page with them or is unable to provide the right information.


At the time of hiring keep these things in mind. Some people prefer working with a single real estate agent. But if you are looking to make a real estate investment via selling or purchasing the property on an urgent basis, a team is a better choice to work with.

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