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Reasons Why Business Needs to Buy a .com Domain Name


Establishing a web presence helps your business to build a wide customer base and generate significantly more profit. It is also a beneficial way to enhance your brand identity. The first move toward building an online presence for your business is to Buy a .com Domain for it. 

With the Domain Name, you can bring your business website online. It enables Internet users to easily find or locate your web presence over the world wide web. Moreover, you can discover different kinds of Domain Names that you can register for your business website. 

A Domain Name involves a relevant keyword and the extension. Broadly speaking, there are six sorts of Domain Name extensions – Top-Level Domains (TLDs), Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), Second-Level Domain (SLD), Third-Level Domain, and Premium Domain. 

This guide focuses on why you must aim to Buy a .com Domain and how it can be a great pick for your business website. To your knowledge, .com comes under the top-level Domain (ccTLD) category. 

Dive into the subsequent segments to acquire all the insights you must know regarding .com Domain registration. We have also highlighted the top-notch web hosting company from which you can Buy a .com Domain at Lowest Price – Hostbillo. Let’s begin!

About .com Domain Name

The overall accountability for Domain Names falls under the  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The routine responsibilities under ICANN are entrusted to specific registrars. 

A .com extension is among the top-level Domain Names which can be opted for your business website. In general, any website possessing a .com Domain Name is depicted as a commercial organization. 

Moreover, there are explicit criteria already set when it comes to the usage of the top-level Domain Name. They are mentioned in RFC 1591 – Domain Name System Structure and Delegation.

Reasons To Buy A .com Domain

.com domain

Here are the reasons why a huge percentage of the online businesses have already registered, and many are planning to Buy a .com Domain Name – 

Easy to remember

A .com Domain is a memorable top-level Domain. People can easily memorize your website’s name with the .com Domain extension on the tip of their tongue. This even helps in the marketing of your online business through word of mouth. 

Thus, the catchy .com top-level Domain Name carries utmost significance for all businesses that desire to sustain their identities on the Internet.  


Most of the time, web users unconsciously tend to enter the .com Domain extension only with the website name. Those websites that do not Buy a .com Domain can lose the traffic volume if users type .com after them and get to visit some other website. 

So, keeping the .com extension for your website is also a smart move for acquiring increased traffic automatically. 


The .com extension is a relatively much more expensive URL than other Domain extensions. But, it possesses the highest credibility, and most industry-leading brands employ it. 

Further, the .com extension is among the well renowned as well as respected top-level Domains across the globe.  


These days the availability of the .com extension is declining. Thus, its value has gotten higher. Also, many users who already hold the .com extensions are now not wanting to give up on them or are not looking for any other Domain alternatives for the same reason. 

So, buying a .com Domain Name for your business website can be a great deal for you.

Buy a .com Domain at Lowest Price From Hostbillo

Buy a .com domain from hostbillo

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Hostbillo is the top-notch Web Hosting Provider on which you can easily rely to Buy a .com Domain. It provides a .com Domain at lowest price along with world-class features and high-grade benefits. 

Moreover, the company aims to accommodate all the demands and needs of its customers’ businesses. It enables you to swiftly and successfully establish your brand online presence with utmost ease. And you can complete .com Domain Transfer with just one click.

Check out below the excellent benefits you receive when you purchase a .com Domain Name for your business website – 


You acquire a professional email address linked to your Domain Name for your website. Further, the email provides you with 2 GB of mailbox space that later can be expanded as and when required. 


Your business website receives intense security features under Hostbillo’s .com Domain Name registration. They come incorporated with your Domain Name. The company also lets you acquire an SSL certificate. This further ensures the steadfast data security of your website’s visitors. At the same time, your business website gets to achieve a relatively better SEO ranking. 

10,000 SubDomains

You can easily obtain up to 10000 subDomains under your .com Domain at lowest price. This helps you design, customize, and structure your website efficiently. 


In today’s world, .com Domain holds great integrity. It is a top-level Domain Name extension having people’s trust and high credibility value. You can Buy a .com Domain from Hostbillo web hosting company at the Lowest possible price. 

Further, the company enables you to get Cheap .com Domain Name easily for your business website despite its lack of availability in the market. You also obtain amazing benefits and services from the company with Domain registration. 

Browse the official website of the Hostbillo now to get more informational details for the same. 

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