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Social Media Trends 2023 & Things To Look For

The year 2023 is in sight, it’s time to find out how social media trends are in 2023 so that you can prepare the right social media planning strategy. Social media is one area that is always changing in a short time.

For a business, adapting to the latest trends in social media is a crucial thing to do in order to stay relevant.

If you are planning to pursue a career in social media, are currently working in this field, or are using social media for business needs, consider the following discussion of trends in 2023!

Social Media Trends 2023 on Popular Platforms

In the world, there are several popular social media platforms that are used daily. The purpose of their use also varies from entertainment, connecting with friends and family, to selling products and services.

The following is the trend prediction for 2023 for each social media platform that is popularly used in the world. One of the predictions from the results of the Intellifluence interview, namely Paula Rosales. He learned a lot until now to take advantage of social media. As a result he was successful as a well-known influencer.

1. TikTok will still dominate

According to data obtained from Hootsuite, TikTok is predicted to continue to dominate social media in 2023. The prediction states that TikTok is not only for social networking and marketing needs, but has the ambition to become social media number one.

This is evidenced by its innovative features that continue to grow from time to time, often even mirroring its competitors.

For example, initially TikTok only limited short videos to 15 seconds. However, now TikTok videos can be uploaded up to 10 minutes long.

According to Hootsuite, TikTok made these changes on the basis of YouTube as its competitor. Not only that, TikTok is now a social commerce that is on the rise because of the shopping feature or what is familiarly known as the “yellow basket”.

With more than 1 billion active users, TikTok must now be considered as a social media platform that is managed seriously.

2. Instagram prioritizes video-based content

Instagram is still a social media platform that brands need to use because:

Has daily active users of 1.5 billion users

62% of users conduct brand and product research on Instagram

Still outperforms TikTok in users aged 16-24 years

Ads features and social commerce features have been developed over the years

Instagram Reels are used by 220 million users in July-October 2022

In addition, according to Hootsuite, Instagram is predicted to still prioritize video-based content, especially reels.

Reels that rely on user algorithms open opportunities for anyone to get a wider audience.

Especially for Reels, make sure you understand the difference between videos that are evergreen (long term) and videos that follow trends (short term). This will help you develop the right Reels strategy.

3. The future of Twitter is difficult to predict

Launching from Social Media Today, Twitter is one of the popular applications whose trends are still difficult to predict in 2023.

Maybe you are no stranger to the news about Elon Musk buying Twitter until the news that Twitter will close. It’s rumors like that that make 2023 social media trends for Twitter still hard to predict.

Through his tweets on Twitter, Elon Musk once stated that Twitter would apply subscription fees for commercial and government needs.

Even so, not a few influencers carry out their activities on Twitter and have succeeded in influencing many users.

The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

This is what brands can consider when launching a social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

In addition, Twitter can also be used by brands to carry out media monitoring because many users voice their opinions, both complaints and reviews on Twitter.

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