Ten Reasons Why You Should Use iTop VPN

You need a VPN service for surfing security and restricted content access. While these are the standard functions of a VPN, some spare no effort in being multidimensional tools and offer more functions.

iTop VPN is a good example of such a tool and won’t disappoint you in service delivery. Without spending much time, let us present the reasons why you should use this VPN for PC.         

  • You Can Use It for Free

iTop VPN has a free version, which does not need you to register to use it. You get it from the website, and it is ideal for novice users. Its features include access to 16 servers and 700MB bandwidth.

  • A Mobile Version

iTop is primarily a VPN for Windows but has versions that work with other operating systems, such as macOS. Besides being a PC tool, you can also use it on your mobile phone. It is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Pick the correct version for your device from the website.

  • Affordable Premium Plans

You should subscribe to a premium plan to access more resources from this VPN. There are three plans available: the 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month. The plans are reasonably priced at $11.99 per month.

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  • Amazing Discounts

The other impressive thing about the premium plans is their discounted rates. The standard fee is $11.99, but presently, you can get up to an 86% discount on the plans. The 12-month package goes for $3.99, the 24-month for $2.31, and the best offer, the 36-month at $1.66.

  • Access To Content from All Over the World

You do not have to worry about geo-restrictions with iTop VPN having your back. It has over 1800 servers worldwide that allow you to access or stream content from various regions, which means you can get India VPN, UAE VPN, and VPN for other locations around the world.

  • Efficient Customer Support

Do not panic if you encounter a problem when using this VPN. Contact customer support for help. The support team is efficient and available round the clock. Their response is fast, and you will have your issues sorted out in a short time.

  • Malware Protection

This VPN service will protect you from malware attacks from worms, viruses, or trojan horses. Its sturdy design contributes to keeping malicious programs away from your device.

  • Tracker And Ad Blocker

Trackers and ads will be history with this app. It has a tracker and ad blocker to keep off these pop-ups and tracking software, enhancing your privacy and safety.

  • The Affiliate Program

iTop has an affiliate program that you can sign up for to get extra income. A successful referral will bring you amazing commissions. If you are good at referring clients, you may have this gig as your primary source of income.


This iTop product is user-friendly, an attribute you will notice in many facets. Download and installation are hassle-free, similar to using them to protect your device. Moreover, the VPN delivers on all its promises.

There you have it, ten reasons why you should use iTop VPN for secure surfing. 

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