Intel Dinar Chronicles

The Intel Dinar Chronicles

Intel Dinar Chronicles

All who have been following Intel know that they are changing their original program and that they are raising their minimums.

Let’s take a look at what is happening here.

  1. The Emergency Coin Redemption Program (ECRP) was put into place so as to avoid World War III and allow every country to participate in an orderly transition from debt money to wealth money.
  2. Notice I didn’t say world currency because it isn’t—yet. There were two components to ECRP.
  3. It is important to understand that ECRP was designed to help us all transition from fiat (paper) money to asset-backed currency.
  4. We have been conditioned for thousands of years to believe in and work for debt money, which doesn’t really exist and is not backed by anything other than people’s faith in it.

What is Dinar?

The Dinar is the primary currency of various countries and was the primary coin of the Islamic Empire in the medieval period. In 696-697 AD, Khalif Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan introduced it.

Many countries bordering the Mediterranean now use it, and Dinar was used far more widely in the past. “Coin of ancient Rome” is a coin made of silver and minted in 211 BC. The Kushan empire reintroduced a gold coin called Dinara later in the first century AD, and the Gupta dynasty and its successor used it until the sixth century.

This coin has been used till then. The modern gold dinar is a gold bullion coin that has yet to be issued as an official currency by any state. Let’s find out which countries use the Dinar as a form of payment.
Currency country’s International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code

CurrencyCountryISO Code
Iraqi DinarIraqIQD
Bahraini DinarBahrainBHD
Jordanian DinarJordanJOD
Libyan DinarLibyaLYD
Dinar AlgeriaAlgeriaDZD
Serbian DinarSerbiaCSD
Macedonian DinarMacedoniaMKD
Tunisian DinarTunisiaTND
Kuwaiti DinarKuwaitKWD

Dinar Chronicles July 22, 2021

  • As you know, over time, I have come to realize that many of my ideas are wrong. I am even shocked as to how many are totally wrong (and some intentionally wrong).
  • Over time, I will try to go back and re-review what has happened and try to clean up my reports (being sure to state when they were right or wrong). Many of my original predictions proved right but so far, on a limited basis. Here are my thoughts about where we are now.
  • I have also come to realize that every country or government wants to monopolize their money and does not want to share it with anyone else. This is true of some individuals as well, but not all.
  • There are many cases where people would rather see others prosper than themselves (we don’t always think about our own welfare).
  • In many instances, I have seen countries work together for mutual benefit rather than compete against each other for total control and power.

Intel Dinar Chronicles August 19, 2021

  • This is a compilation of intel posts from March 2019 to August 20, 2021. With all of the new changes going on in Iraq and around the world, it has become more important than ever for everyone to start getting prepared as quickly as possible.
  • I originally wanted to keep doing these intel updates on my regular channel. However, I quickly realized that it would not be beneficial to do so.
  • It will be easier for everyone if these updates are posted on a new channel dedicated specifically to intel.
  • That being said, I am very happy with how these posts have gone so far, and I have loved seeing all of your responses as you share what you’re doing about getting prepared in such a loving and supportive way.
  • Now that you have received your 25% return, you are probably wondering what to do with it. We already know that one of our best options is to save it as a backup supply.
  • However, I also understand that many of you want to take advantage of at least some of these funds.
  • While everyone’s situation is different, there are some general guidelines that can help you make a better decision regarding what to do with your 25% return.
  • One of these guidelines is to take into account any immediate financial needs that may have developed since you have been getting prepared for these changes. If one of those needs has emerged, then it would probably be best to spend at least part of your return.

Dinar Chronicles August 26, 2021

  • Preliminary Forecast is Confirmed. As predicted, a steeper decline has begun in earnest. There is nothing that can be done to stop it at this point.
  • Expectations are lower than ever, as reflected by the pricing of precious metals and their derivatives on international exchanges.
  • Common sense suggests that if they were real currency and not mere paper claims on real currency they would command prices much higher.
  • Precious metals have been devalued on international exchanges, with precious metals and their derivatives selling for prices lower than they cost to mine.
  • While there are other factors involved in these plummeting prices, namely, central bank buying and selling policies and underlying supply-and-demand dynamics, there can be no doubt that a larger fall is imminent. The only question is how far down it will go.

Summary: I started to realize that when countries got together, they created a vacuum in many areas of life. It is not always easy to fill such vacuums and make them work correctly. Most are aware of what has happened with most countries recently, as they have literally fallen apart. You can find a partial list here: The Fall of Nations.

Dinar Guru Blogspot Intel

Dinar Guru is a website created by a group of people dedicated to spreading accurate information about one of humanity’s oldest and most powerful spiritual tools: gold. Its mission is to help humanity understand and achieve prosperity.

All members have participated in staking several hundred million dinars over many years and are dedicated to helping others learn how to do it themselves so they can achieve wealth, freedom, and happiness.

Dinar Guru is part of a larger community and network of individuals and organizations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. International Coalition for Human Rights, Exempt from Disclosure (EFTD), Global Prosperity Group, Government Accountability Office (GAO), Department of Defense (DoD), State Department, IMF, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, U.S. Treasury Department and many more.
  2. We are in a phase of disclosure as it relates to Iraq and its finances. We don’t yet know how long it will take, but we should all be prepared for surprising events very soon, perhaps even within days or weeks.
  3. While things have remained quiet for a few months now, we expect that to change very quickly. We are excited! The work we have been doing is part of an intricate, interlocking operation on many levels involving some of the biggest people in Washington DC and in Europe.

Summary: Dinar Guru is part of a larger community and network of individuals and organizations. We are in a phase of disclosure as it relates to Iraq and its finances. Some of the biggest people in Washington DC and in Europe will soon be making public what they have been concealing.

Dinar Detective

First, let’s establish what a dinar is. Dinars are ancient coins used by Sumerians as currency thousands of years ago.

  • They were struck from silver, typically stamped with an image of their gods or kings, and valued based on weight the heavier the coin, the more it was worth. Today, a dollar or Dinar is simply a currency.
  • Now that we know what a dinar is, let’s discuss why some people want them. Everyone wants to know if there’s a way to get rich overnight. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to make money with dinars if you can find someone who will pay a reasonable price for them.
  • They’re minted by all sorts of governments. Back in 2011, Iraq stopped using its old currency for a variety of reasons and began using a new one instead.
  • This meant that millions of old dinars which had been out of circulation for many years were suddenly worth something again. Anyone with enough savings to buy an Iraqi dollar banknote could have turned a quick profit by selling it elsewhere.
  • Today, Iraqi dinars are worthless. But back in 2011, it was possible to sell them for nearly double their face value.
  • A one hundred dollar Iraqi dollar banknote that had been sitting in someone’s drawer since before 2003 could have been exchanged for $200 USD. There was no telling how long that price would last, but everyone involved wanted to take advantage of it while they could.

Dinar Recap

Silver prices in Iraq have reached a record high, surpassing $47/oz. The reason for such a drastic increase is linked to trade relations between Iraq and Iran.

Currently, international sanctions have been placed on Iran; however, with trade relations growing between these two countries, it seems as though that situation will not last long. And that’s great news for Iraqis, who now have more purchasing power than ever before!

Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel

  1. As dinar prices went up, so did awareness and news about Iraq’s soon-to-be new currency. From early June to late July, there were major recaps from Intel, including several that described Iraq’s economic situation.
  2. In early June, Hussein stated that $4.25 per Dinar would be a fair exchange rate for its new currency, which would make each U.S. dollar worth slightly more than 3,500 Iraqi dinars.
  3. The official exchange rate was much higher about 250 dinars to every U.S. dollar in June 2014 but before May 1, most citizens could only access that unofficial exchange rate through private brokers who charged a fee and delayed delivery of currency by at least several days or weeks.
  4. Mostafa Al-Hamad, a member of Iraq’s Committee for Monetary Policy, told Mawazine News that Iraq would be accepting bids on its Dinar from anyone who offered to buy it.
  5. He said he had been in contact with many interested parties and that those groups would begin purchasing Iraqi currency after it officially became legal tender on October 1.

Summary: There are so many intel updates that it’s hard to keep up. This page will serve as a place to track everything being said in regards to intel announcements. It’s more useful than reviewing all of them individually; at least, that was my thinking when I started it. Maybe others will find it useful too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I describe some important questions are as follows:

1. What is an Intel Dinar?

An intel dinar is a currency of exchange, similar to Euros or Dollars, but it has a special value based on a mathematical equation discovered by Dr. Safwat al-Zayat. In other words, $100 US Dollars in 2020 will equal about $100 US Dollars in 2011.

2. I’ve heard that Intel Dinar is a Ponzi Scheme, isn’t it?

Not at all. The mathematical equation for determining its value is genuine and not open to tampering by any party. There are no hidden fees or charges involved.

3. Can I still participate?

Yes, as long as you are not currently involved in unlawful activities, you can freely participate in Intel Dinars because they do not involve interest charges or contracts of any kind.

4. What do I need to know about taxes?

The following information is provided from a legal perspective on Intel Dinars and does not constitute tax advice. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your tax adviser as you make decisions about your own individual circumstances.

5. Are Intel Dinars safe?

Yes, they are backed by securities that are already held in accounts at major banks and can be freely exchanged by anyone who holds them. However, while they are safer than many other currencies and commodities that are traded on international markets, there is no such thing as a safe investment.

6. How will I know if my Intel Dinars are legitimate?

The Bank of Ghana has already begun working with multiple foreign governments to have all Intel Dinars exchanged and accounted for in each country so that their value can be verified. All Intel Dinar transactions will be backed by real assets, so it is only a matter of time before they become widely accepted as a form of payment in many places around the world.

7. Is there any reason I should not participate?

As with any business venture, you should carefully weigh your decision before proceeding, but many people are already very satisfied customers of Intel Dinars because they have seen significant benefits from participating in them.

8. How much money do I need to get started?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of money you must invest in Intel Dinars, but you should carefully weigh your decision to avoid overspending or going into debt. Many people choose to invest small amounts of money at first and then increase their investment as their income and earnings from other sources grow over time.

9. Will it be easy to get my money back?

Yes, you can liquidate your investment at any time by choosing to exchange your Intel Dinars for physical gold or silver coins that you can then sell at market prices. However, your earnings may decrease in real terms if you choose to do so because there will be a loss of potential gains from compound interest over time.

10. Is there any more information I should know about Intel Dinars?

As you participate in Intel Dinars, you may find that other people ask you a lot of questions about them, and it is important to keep a few things in mind.

11. What are Intel Dinar Chronicles?

The most up-to-date information on the global currency reset may be found at Intel Dinar Chronicles. All important dinar organizations and dinar forums are covered by this site. On the internet, it’s one of the most popular guru dinar-related sites.

12. How can I learn more about Intel Dinar Chronicles?

As a result, we found ourselves on this website by accident. Google’s “Intel Dinar Chronicles” search engine sent up this idea as we were searching for the latest Intel driver upgrades. We had never come across this term before in our research on Intel.

13. What Intel Facts Should Investors Know About the Iraqi Dinar?

Investing in Iraqi Dinars requires an understanding of the currency’s fundamentals. Is the Iraqi dinar likely to reach the 1980s rate of growth? We can only guess the reason for the shift in focus. People also feel the dinar will be valued for a variety of reasons.

14. Why are dinar chronicles famous?
It is well-known since it provides currency conversion rates that are constantly updated. In addition, it offers a wealth of information about a wide range of currencies. Because so many people rely on it on a daily basis, this website has become extremely well-known.

15. How to post on dinar chronicles BlogSpot?

People can share information about Dinarland, as well as their ideas and feelings. It’s important, though, that the text be expressed succinctly. The author’s name, signature, or username should be included at the end of the article.


The Dinar was the primary coin of the Islamic Empire in the medieval period. In 696-697 AD, Khalif Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan introduced it. Dinar Guru is a website created by a group of people dedicated to spreading accurate information about gold. Some of the biggest people in Washington DC and in Europe will soon be making public what they have been concealing. Mostafa Al-Hamad, a member of Iraq’s Committee for Monetary Policy, said he has been in contact with many interested parties.

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