Toms Food Markets Are More Than Just a Supermarket

Toms Food Market on 11th St. in Traverse City was establish in 1946 by Tom and Eva Deering. When it first opened, it was a tiny butcher shop in the heart of downtown, selling mostly meat.

In 1961, Tom’s Food Market opened its first full-sized grocery shop on the town’s western outskirts. Fifteen years after the company was founded.

As a result, Tom’s Food Markets now boasts a total of six full-sized establishments spread around the area. However, Tom’s continues to concentrate on the Traverse City region community, despite their growth.

As Longtime Tom’s Produce Merchandiser Mike Esch Explained:

“We are placing an emphasis on local products and suppliers, as well as service.”

To support local farmers, all Toms Food Market buy their produce from them, including potatoes and apples from Bardenhagen Farms and sweet corn from Kaleva’s Lutz Farms. It’s simple to tell which products originate from local farms because of Tom’s Food Markets’ cooperation with Taste the Local Difference.

“We source directly from certain farmers or receive lesser quantities via Cherry Capital Foods,” said Esch. Esch stated. Local products may indeed be find on the shelves and in the wine department of the shop.

The Traverse City Civic Center Easling Pool

Tom’s, despite the rise of huge corporate chains like Toms Food Market and Costco in the Traverse City region, maintains its essential value of being a part of the local community. Traverse Area Tart Trails recently received a $50,000 donation from the organization to help construct the bike path around Boardman Lake. A substantial contribution to the Traverse City Civic Center Easling Pool refurbishment has also been making.

“Bigger retailers in the neighbourhood can’t compete” with Tom’s Food Toms Coupon Code in Traverse City. According to Esch, who owns and operates one of the stores. is where you can locate your local Tom’s, Food Toms Food Market.

Emma Beauchamp is Taste the Local Difference’s Communications Manager. When she was a kid in Traverse City, Michigan, she loved the cinnamon twist doughnuts from Tom’s Food Toms Food Market. At [email protected], you may reach her

At Tom’s, We Appreciate Your Business.

The vegetable area at any of the six Tom’s Food Toms Food Market in Northwest Michigan is stack high with the freshest of the season. Sweet corn, pints of sweet cherries, bushels of Bardenhagen Farms apples. And local squashes fill the displays throughout the harvest season. While summer may be the busiest season for many farmers, Tom’s Food Toms Food Market is a delight to support local farmers all year round.

Founder And CEO Christy Kuhnke States,

“Since its inception in 1946, Tom’s has been a strong supporter of our local economy here in the greater Grand Traverse region.” Our local farmers and producers have always been our first choice for food purchases.

Over a thousand Michigan-made goods may be find at every Tom’s location. To complement the Great Lakes Potato Chips, you’ll find Omena Organics canned pumpkin, and Michigan Farm to Freezer frozen mirepoix. And delectable spreads from Natural Northern Foods beyond the vegetable section.

In Addition, Michigan Classics Such As Chateau Grand Traverse,

M. Lawrence, St. Ambrose Cellars, and Right Brain Brewery may be fid in the wine and beer sections of the restaurant. The business makes a point of showcasing and celebrating its Michigan-made goods.

Jeff DeRushia, Director of Operations at the Toms Food Market, adds that “our consumers enjoy supporting local. So we strive to provide them as many choices as possible.” As Tom’s and its suppliers work together to support our expanding network of farmers and producers, so do Tom’s consumers.

Tom’s Food Markets Sources All Of Its Michigan-Made Goods In What Manner Exactly?

Produce Merchandiser Mike Esch has built ties with dozens of local farmers over his 22 years at Tom’s. Resulting in the supply of over 100 local items.

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These include Sleeping Bear Farms, Louie’s Meats, and Higher Grounds Trading Co. Coffee, which directly supplies the Toms Food Market with their products. Cherry Capital Foods and Greathouse Food, two Michigan food wholesalers, are two of Tom’s long-term partners. Using these wholesalers, Tom’s can carry out their commitment to helping the local economy in Michigan.

Taste The Local Difference

To this day, Tom’s Food Toms Food Market is an active participant in Taste The Local Difference as well as a corporate supporter. Northwest Michigan consumers spending only $10 per week on local farm goods would generate roughly $5 million in additional income each year, as they have declared,” adds Kuhnke. “This is fantastic, and we’re on board!” say the group.

Your local Tom’s Food Toms Food Market supports Michigan’s numerous local food companies. So you can be certain that your patronage will go a long way. To obtain the finest of what our state has to offer, stop by your local retailer.

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