Top 10 best places to visit in Pune

Top 10 best places to visit in Pune

Pune is famous for its fame and nightlife. When you choose to travel to Pune, guarantee that you will not miss out on visiting any of these places as mentioned in this article are awesome. In this article, you will find the best places to shop, eat, and visit in Pune. To Learn more about Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai then click here.

Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace is an important place and plays an important role in defining the independence of India. This place has many personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.At this place all the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were buried in the ground.

Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

The idol of Lord Ganesha is embellished with 40 kg of gold. The sanctuary receives a large chunk of change and gold from each one of Lord Ganesha.

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram is very famous for its peace and harmony. The ashram offers strange acts of contemplation and many seek to attain heavenly nature. This place is a mix of contemplation and friendly retreat stay. Individuals who are not customary guests must purchase a day pass to stay at the ashram.

Lal Mahal

The Lal Mahal shows the incredible patience of the rulers and chiefs of that time. This place will require some investment and you will get useful knowledge about the history. It gives a lot to the creative mind like how big it was, number of rooms etc.

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Shivneri Fort

This citadel had seven major entrances and solid walls to protect Shivaji. You can see each and every beautiful close-up views from the highest point of this citadel.

Shinde Chhatri

Shinde Chhatri was eighteenth 100 years old and this is a very old commemoration. You will adore the magnificence of this place which comes in the list of most ideal getaway places in Pune.

Parvati Hill

Parvati Hill is an exceptionally famous tourist attraction for every single enthusiast.The slope is arranged 2100 feet above sea level. You may encounter mind blowing thoughts at dawn as well. At the highest point of the slope are five sanctuaries which were built by the Peshwas.

National Defence Academy

Every important administration of India including Army, Air Force and Navy prepare trainees of National Defense Academy (NDA). Every one of the best climbers, athletes and olympic bosses has been created by NDA in the right way by our country. You can visit this institute for inspirational reason and educative reason.

National War Museum

The Folk War Museum was served as a memory of the incredible saints. It is a must visit for every nationalist of our country.

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Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The sanctuary has the symbol of Nandi bull, huge points of support and a stunning symbol of Lord Shiva.

These are the favorite objections of tourists. You will have a great encounter if you visit a large number of places as mentioned in this article.

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