Attractions To Visit In Kharkiv

Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Kharkiv, Ukraine

The second most populated city in Ukraine found in the same name as the region it is located in. Kharkiv has retained its status as a manufacturing and commercial center on the world scale since it was the third-largest industrial center in the USSR. During Kharkiv’s tenure as president, he built up quite a reputation. Life in Kharkiv has returned to normal after the recent conflict in eastern Ukrainend. And the city’s tourism business has not been affected in any significant way.

The fact that all of the city’s major monuments and attractions are situated on or around Sumska Street. The main thoroughfare, makes this part of town very convenient. Everything on this list, from historic Soviet plazas to family-friendly attractions like Maxim Gorky Park and the Dolphinarium Nemo, is within walking distance of your hotel. if you are looking out to go there with family or friends. Without thinking much, start planning, make turkish airlines booking online in any class and save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, check out this list to know the tourist attractions to visit in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Kharkiv’s Cathedral of the Annunciation is a must-see for anybody visiting the city.

At the end of the 19th century, Kharkiv’s massive neo-Byzantine Cathedral of the Annunciation was built. The Lopan River runs through the area. It was one of the largest cathedrals in the world during the Russian Empire’s reign.

Byzantine-style candy stripes can be seen on the bell tower stands at a height of 80 meters and completed in 1888, 12 years before the cathedral was dedicated outside. There is enough room inside for 4,000 worshippers. The southern corridor’s seated figure of Athanasius of Alexandria is one of the centerpieces. The iconostasis, made of white Carrara marble, is very noteworthy.

The Liberty Bell with the Statue of Liberty

Demonstrators demolished a statue of Lenin in 2014, which is one of the reasons for the scarcity of monuments. However, there have not been any accusations and the statue will not be removed. Rather, it will be replaced with an 86-meter-tall column that has an angel as well as an Orthodox cross. This section will keep tabs on notable figures from Sloboda Ukraine’s past (the historical region of Kharkiv).

Fountain of Mirrors 

When the Soviet Union defeated the United States in World War II. This fountain was erected on Sumska Street in Kharkiv to commemorate the occasion. To explain the romantic design of a Soviet-era war monument, you might tell a lengthy narrative. He brought her to Kislovodsk, a spa town in Russia, for a holiday. 

Kharkiv Zoo and Aquarium 

Since the 2014 political crisis, the municipal zoo has been in the process of updating its facilities. You may want to keep that in mind if you’re planning a trip to the region since it is expected to open in 2018. The zoo, founded in 1896, Ukraine’s first and located south of Freedom Square. Amid the bustling metropolis of Kharkiv, the Kharkiv Zoo occupies an astonishing 22 hectares of land. In its heyday, it hosted around 6,800 animals representing 385 different species until going on pause in 2017.

Learn more about the Kharkiv Dolphinarium’s exhibits.

It’s hard to think of anything better than these cuddly and social critters for a relaxing and delightful day. They put on a performance for their master, Nemo, by doing feats that are choreographed to the music. Before the remainder of this, there is a show with a sea lion. If you’re brave enough, you can don a wetsuit and swim with these intelligent creatures in the massive pool. Don’t ever stop snapping selfies and posting them to your numerous social media accounts.

Kharkiv’s culinary scene

When you sit down to a delicious meal in Kharkiv, you’ll feel like you’ve had the best meal of your life. At Kharkiv events and weddings, the Godz of Vigil, an outdoor soup. Generally considered to be one of the city’s best-known delicacies.

It is recommended the Mazuriks, are turkey chops that are covered with melting cheese. As a festive dish, generally regarded as one of the best examples of Ukrainian cuisine. Having a local guide accompanies you on a culinary tour of Kharkiv is a great way to get a taste of the city’s native cuisine.


If you want to provide a fun-filled day for your loved ones, go to Maxim Gorky Park. Many hectares of joy; the carousels in the gardens will have a fantastic day. After a long day of fun, a trip to the majestic Cathedral of the Annunciation may help you rediscover your faith. As one of the largest churches in Russia, it’s a must-visit site for every tourist. So, what are you looking for? Plan an international trip with AirlinesMap for an amazing experience with your family or friends like never before! 

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