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In the covid times, everything seems to be disturbed, and the education sector will probably suffer the most. There was no way of continuing the physical studies amid the risk of the virus, and due to this, many universities and colleges switched to online and hybrid study systems. The online; learning systems provided a stable platform for learning and proved to be a success. Texas Technical University (TTU) also launched the program in the covid times to facilitate the students get the education safely from there without waiting for the lockdown to end. The Ttu blackboard program was developed in 2019 to lift the barrier in education. In this article, we will learn in detail about the Ttu blackboard.

What is the Ttu blackboard?

The blackboard is an online application designed by Texas Technical University. The students can enroll themselves in the university’s distance learning program and access the latest educational material on the Ttu blackboard platform. It is straightforward to use and access and is proving to be a success in the covid and for students who can not attend the classes regularly. 

With the Ttu blackboard, the student can complete their graduation and post-graduation without attending college or university.

Advantages Of Ttu blackboard

The blackboard offers many advantages not only to the students but also to the parents and the teacher. With the help of the Ttu blackboard, the parent can monitor the progress, and the teacher can upload the latest material without any delay. These are some of the advantages of the Ttu blackboard.

  • Secured unique mail for the students to log in. 
  • Students can send multiple emails to different people by using the platform. 
  • Unique User ID and password that can be changed within the easy steps.
  • eRaider account helps the students in the electronic verification and ensures privacy security. 
  • Access to the Radarcheck so that the parents can access the course information, their children’s grades, attendance, and important upcoming events.
  • Complete details on the course and progress.
  • Latest updates and notifications so that no data is delayed.
  • Privileges to enroll in more than one class.

Login To Ttu blackboard

The students can easily log in to the Ttu blackboard by a simple process. They need the login ID and the password provided by the university at the time of admission. Follow these steps to log in to the Ttu blackboard.

  • Go to the official Ttu blackboard website and open the login page.
  • Enter the username of TTU or the eRaider account, and you can also enter the TTU-HSC – eRaider username. 
  • If you do not remember, you can log in with the email address.
  • Type the password and ensure that the password is correct with the correct case.
  • Click on the login icon, and you will go to the dashboard.


TTU Blackboard is a good initiative by the texas Technical University that is helping a lot of students get an education without the need to attend. It provides the latest material from experienced professionals, including lectures, slides, videos, and much more.

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