What are Webmaster tools

Do you need to monitor the performance of the website? Would you like to keep track of all your links? Well, Google webmaster tools can help you. It is one of the best platforms in the market that enable individuals to check how their site works together with Google. In recent times, all businesses have their website to promote their service or product. 

An individual with an online store or website uses Google Webmaster Tools to enhance the website’s performance. When you work with the webmaster tool, you may wonder why it is the best tool in website management. It aids the person to manage their website in the Google search result. Under the Google Search Console, you can find the webmaster tool. It offers you the information you need to increase the website’s rank in the search engine. 

Read this post to learn about webmaster tools, how to add a website to the webmaster tool, and the webmaster tool’s features. 

What Does Google Webmaster Tools Mean? 

A webmaster tool is essential to find out the problem with the website. It allows the site owner to know if it has been affected by viruses and malware. With the help of the tool, Google communicates with the webmaster. As a website owner, you can get a detailed website report in the GWT. The report includes 

  • Mobile optimization issues 
  • Security concerns
  • Crawl errors and more 

In addition, it comes with a set of traceable metrics, which is search engine optimization invaluable. The report lets you take proper steps to enhance the site’s performance. The webmaster tool is free and combines Google Ads and Google Analytics for pay-per-click testing. It helps the user to obtain a higher return on investment. 

Steps to add a website to the Google webmaster tools

It is easy to add the website to the Google webmaster tool. After registering, the website owner has to do is adding the site to the tool. If you are a new user, you can follow the below-given steps to add the website to the webmaster tool. Let’s see some tips!

  • Add DNS records to the setup of the domain. 
  • Utilize it substitute in events to log in to the hosting supplier or domain registrar. Followed that, and add one more DNS record. 
  • Then, add a Meta tag to the homepage of the website.
  • Upload HTML documents to the server 
  • Now, link the Google analytics record to the webmaster tool. 

Use it if the website has Google analytic tracking code. With these tips, you can complete the process effortlessly.

Features of Webmaster Tools that everyone must know 

The webmaster tool can do lots of things for your business. The benefits of this tool can vary from company to firm. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the tool features before using them on your website. Take a quick look at interesting features:

  • Look out for indexing errors:

It is easy to see how many web pages have been indexed by Google using the webmaster tool. It provides the indexing issue and includes essential information for the investigation. Indexing warnings include blocked URLs, broken code, and much more. 

  • Track links:

A backlink is vital for all search engine optimization strategies. It lets the user view the total number of website backlinks and see which domain connects to keywords and their business. The internal links examine the site’s structure and determine whether the contents hold lots of links or not. 

  • Check the performance of the website:

The webmaster tool is mainly used to explore the version of the site. It includes average CTR, clicks, impressions, and others that help you modify the website to get the desired outcome. 

It lets you see how often that audience clicked your site via search results. The tool provides the site owner insight into the efficiency of Meta descriptions and page titles. In addition, it indicates how constant the traffic is on your website. 

The average position shows where the website ranks on the search engine result for pages or keywords. Besides, the tool provides up to sixteen months of data and lets the user compare two data effortlessly.  If you need the best webmaster tool, you can contact JDM Web Technologies. Naveen is our digital marking manager, and he will provide you best solution to reach your goal.

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