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A dependable cable TV connection is considered essential for any normal household in the U.S. Thankfully, with TV subscriptions now being reasonably priced, cable TV is no longer the luxury that it once used to be.

Furthermore, cable TV service continues to play a pivotal role to help people stay updated with the latest happenings in the world. While helping you to get rid of the boredom bug.

That’s why finding a TV plan that suits your needs is quite similar to finding the right shoe size.

About the Provider: Spectrum

Spectrum, better known as Charter Spectrum™ in the country is considered one of the biggest names in the telecom industry. Having more than 16 million subscribers, Spectrum is known to offer top-of-the-range service plans and monthly bundles.

The Spectrum Select is a people’s favorite that will surely not disappoint you. Read on more to find out what this incredible TV plan has to offer you!

Fantastic Features of the Spectrum Select Plan

Let’s glance at some of Spectrum TV’s basic features:

  • This terrific TV plan aims to deliver quality cable TV service just the way you like! The Spectrum Select TV Plan consists of 125+ HD channels, such as Bravo, Lifetime, FOX, The CW, ESPN, MTV, CNN, and so many more.
  • Unlike other providers who offer TV plans, Spectrum TV offers to deliver you a service that comes with no strings attached. This means that there is no service contract.
  • If you opt for this TV plan but feel dissatisfied with the reception or the service, don’t worry! The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee clause ensures that you are refunded within no time.
  • Despite being one of the big guns of the cable TV industry, Spectrum Select continues to facilitate its customers with reasonable rates. The Select TV is only $49.99 per month for an entire first year!

It is important to note that despite the occasional fluctuation in service prices, Spectrum’s prices stay stable throughout.

What’s more, if you have been subjected to hours of horrid cable service, and poor quality sound/picture that’s only abetted by zero customer service, get ready to be taken by surprise. For Spectrum TV will prove to be a breath of fresh air for you!

Does it still sound like any other regular cable TV? Well, there is more!

The Ultimate Spectrum Select Channel List

One of the top reasons why Spectrum Select is a consumer favorite TV plan is because its channel list is so well-curated! A diverse channel list that’s a cool blend of both popular and local cable TV makes it an instant hit. Irrespective of what your TV preferences are, Spectrum Select has something for everyone!

No matter what you choose to watch, live or on-demand TV content, you will never have to compromise on media options again!

Spectrum Select TV – Movie Channels

Do you feel let down by boring movie options again?

Well, Spectrum Select TV ensures that your passion for movies doesn’t ever really die down. Not only is this a great way to unwind but the craft of movie-making instantly transports you to the land of your dreams!

With the Select TV service, you get to explore the world of cinema as it comes alive on your screen in HD with fantastic surround sound at your service!

Some top movie channels that are a part of the Select TV lineup include Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, AMC, Cinemax, and the FX Movie Channel, among many others!

Spectrum Select TV – Sports Channels

Are you ready to watch the Yankees and the Mets battle on the baseball field again? Or maybe you like something more aggressive and real like the UFC challenges?

No matter what sport you prefer to watch with your buddies, the Select TV offers a plethora of channels to sports fans, who will never regret opting for sports channel options on Spectrum TV.

Tune in now and watch your favorite games on NBC Sports Network, ESPN, and FS1 among the myriad that are offered by this provider!

What’s more, the high definition and the quality sound of live sports events is downright impressive and definitely something that you may never want to miss out on!

Spectrum Select TV – Music Channels

Are you the kind of person that listens to past favorites to evoke beautiful memories? Or maybe are you the sort that enjoys keeping in touch with the latest tunes and melodies?

Either way, you are in for a treat for the Select TV offers a comprehensive music channel list that brings the sweetest melodies to you!

Enjoy the magic of the right tunes while you sway your way to de-stress and release yourself from all kinds of negativity.

The Spectrum TV channel list offers a large variety of music that feels like a royal privilege at your fingertips!

Spectrum Select TV – Informative Channels

The medium of TV is no longer just about sports, lifestyle, or entertainment.

It has diversified over the years, making it a terrific way to instill new information in the new generation. And Spectrum is aware of this.

That’s why you are offered channels that offer something a little different than your usual options. You can now watch documentaries and a variety of well-researched series that will help you learn something new about the present, the city you live in, or the earth that you inhabit!

What’s more, these are family-friendly options, so you never have to worry about turning on parental controls.

While such a docu-series will allow you and your young family to get acquainted with the intricacies of life and all that it offers!

Tune in to a spectacular range of channels such as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and National Geographic among numerous others.

Pick a Spectrum TV® Select Pricing Plan of Your Choice

While the basic Spectrum TV Select costs an exciting $49.99 for your first 12 months, you can opt for other plans as well.

Why not upgrade your current Select TV package and choose a TV plan that’s different from your usual one. This is quite suitable, especially if you have been using Spectrum TV plans for a long time!

These are listed as follows:

Spectrum TV Select + Internet

This plan costs $99.98 per month for the entire first year and includes around 125+ HD channels. Besides this, exclusive choices are offered via the On Demand section as well.

With download speeds as high as 200 Mbps, now you can watch your favorite movies and TV seasons whenever you like and wherever you like. While wireless speeds are expected to vary area-wise, there are no data caps involved.

This deal is just about to get sweeter, for customers can pick the free-of-cost modem that comes with a built-in anti-virus.

Call Spectrum at 1-844-760-4219 and check whether the offer is available in your location.

Spectrum TV Select + Internet + Phone

This is an advanced plan for users who are willing to purchase more than one service at a time. Available at $114.97 per month for the entire first year, it includes around 125+ HD channels.

Moreover, this plan comes with download speeds, which go as high as 200 Mbps, so now you can watch all your current and past favorites whichever way you like!

In addition to this, customers get, to enjoy the perks of streaming wherever they go. Wireless speeds vary by area, so don’t be surprised. No data caps are included. But this isn’t all.

This TV plan comes with additional features such as parental controls, free access to Spectrum WiFi, and unlimited calling within areas specified by the provider (i.e. U.S., Canada, Mexico, and many more!) that are followed by an additional fee or missed/dropped calls.

Call Spectrum at 1-844-760-4219 and check whether the offer is available in your location.

The Final Note

We hope that this article proved to be helpful and has given you ideas about the kind of media content you should expect from the Spectrum TV channel line-up.

After all, optimum customer satisfaction is what sets this ISP apart from others!

While Spectrum is always making sure that the internet needs of the target audience are met with quality service and decent rates, there are still plenty of areas within the U.S. where the Spectrum infrastructure is difficult to get to.

That’s why we suggest that you find a reliable ISP, which is easily accessible to you without breaking the bank!

Visit BuyTVInternetPhone and invest in a service, which ticks all the checkboxes for quality service. Hurry now!

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