Who’s Fred Meguagnagha? How He Created Mediatakeout?

Media Takeout has been around us for more than 17 years. You probably have heard about it, if you haven’t seen it. The site is mostly related to gossip and spreading rumors about celebrities. Well, The site delivers all the latest news about celebrities and the Film Industry. From this, the site has gained a very good amount of traffic on it. 

The site has become popular in a very short time. In its success, the founder of Mediatakeout has played a great role. His leadership has made this site more successful than all other urban sites. So if you’re thinking about who is the founder? And how did he start? We’re here to tell.  So Keep Reading! 

The Founder Of Mediatakeout

Well, the site was founded by Fred Mwangaguhunga. He was the one to create this site. Fred was born in Queens, New York. His parents were originally descended from Africa. 

Fred was a lawyer at the start of his career. He did his graduation from Columbia University in New York. He used to work as a lawyer and advised companies on their financial matters. But he wasn’t happy to work as a lawyer. 

Net Worth Of Fred Mwangaguhunga

The former lawyer, Fred Mwangaguhunga has now a Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars.

His Wife And Family

Noya Green is her wife of Fred. He and his wife both worked together for this black media takeout. She is working as an Editor at MTO News

Just like her husband, she left her job and started to handle the site. Fred and his wife have three kids  

How did Media Takeout start?

He always had an interest in working on the internet. So he started a small clothing store and laundry company. This idea didn’t work well. So he saw an opportunity in the field of blogging. He wanted to start as a News blog. 

He shared the idea of blogging. But his friend disagreed with his idea, saying no one is interested in African American celebrities. But he never listened to them. He took his idea and started working. He created a News Blog and hired some writers. 

The blog was all about Entertainment, gossip, rumors, and interviews with Celebrities. He shared News in a blog style to engage more audience. This way was good in attracting more traffic to the blog. He never thought about monetization. Instead, he worked on the quality of the blog. He took inspiration from Facebook and Twitter. He had to build good content to make his site more engaging. So used more attractive heading and writing in his content. This helped the blog to gain more traffic at it. This traffic made the site very profitable for him in just six months. 

Nowadays the site has become good at social media takeout. After this, The site ranked among the world’s top urban sites.  

What can Site deliver now? 

The site has delivered a lot till now. The site has become the largest urban site due to a lot of publications. The site has delivered news related to fashion, Comedy, hip hop, and other breaking news-related Celebrities. It was like chicago media takeout. There is no denying that the site is currently one of the biggest websites to supply News and Rumors.


The people show great interest in the site because of its exciting content. Media Takeout has the largest and most viewing gossip users of all time. Among 1.3 Billion Sites, MTO News has ranked the 10,000th. So, if you have an interest in gossip, Try all media takeout now. Hope you like the media pa takeout review. Keep Smiling

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