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Why Are Escape Rooms Always A Good Idea

Most of us lead hectic schedules and constantly battle to balance multiple priorities, such as work, school, family, etc. Every single one of us has a long list of everyday commitments.

However, escape rooms like The Escape Adventure and the Mythical Escapes Rochester provides an opportunity to temporarily abandon reality and put ourselves in the shoes of another person, such as a fictional protagonist from a book or film.

If you ever find yourself on the run from a zombie apocalypse, a prison, or a starship in a galaxy far, far away, having an incredible and credible experience will make the journey more exciting.

Here are 4 reasons why an escape room is always a good idea:

1. They Provide an Outdoor Cool Time

An escape room offers a unique challenge that other venues do not, similar to how people go for walks on the beach, watch netflix, or genuinely enjoy a night out on the town to break up their boring schedule.

You are challenged to problem-solve and think creatively in escape rooms. You’re driven to accomplish goals and conquer difficult obstacles. This exercise is great for challenging yourself as well as having fun with the people you care about.

2. The Tie People Together (Not Literal)

Generally speaking, escape rooms are designed for teams to enjoy together. Therefore, if you aren’t assigned to a team, you can always bring your own crew of pals and tackle a task together.

Team building through mystery solving is a terrific way to get everyone involved, talking about their thoughts, and working together toward a common goal– which is escaping the room.

3. They’re a Break From Every Day Tech Hassles

Do you use your mobile device (be it a phone, laptop, or tablet) excessively? If you need a change of pace, hit up an escape room.

Escape rooms are designed to be solved without the use of technology, relying instead on your wits and your instincts. Here, you may hone your abilities without having to resort to time-wasting Google searches. While the rules prohibiting the use of electronic devices may put some people off, many who have tried an escape room agree that the experience is well worth the effort.

4. They Speed Up Your Adrenaline

When life gets boring, who doesn’t want a little adrenaline rush? More so when you do a really difficult task, like finishing a puzzle.

The teamwork and quick thinking required to escape an escape room are more helpful than any park stroll. As a result, you and your pals will experience a thrilling rush of adrenaline.


Now you understand why escape rooms are always a good idea and why people enjoy them.

Knowing how escape rooms work and the benefits of escape rooms, one can see they’re thrilling but not violent games that test your physical and mental abilities and are a fun way to spend a weekend with your friends.

We encourage you to try them at least once in your lifetime if you haven’t yet!

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