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Why You Should Birmingham City University as a Top University?

Why You Should Birmingham City University as a Top University?


When you are searching for a better university for better education so your research is here to end because today here we will discuss about a better university in a better country. 

Generally, when you search about the university so you get a list of universities’ names or many universities options from many countries. So you can not decide about a better university option and you can feel burdened fully. Because you get the UK, Canada, Australia, US, USA, and UAE countries options. And we can say, these all countries options are better for higher education but when we say according to the deep research, so the UK country option is the best and suitable for your higher education. 

When we search for better UK universities so we get a few names on the top like Birmingham City University, Keele University, Middlesex University London, University of Worcester, and the University of East London. These all universities are top-ranked universities in the UK and you can choose any one university in these names. However, when you want to choose the top first university so you get the name of Birmingham City University

So in this article, we will see about Why You Should Birmingham City University as a Top University? And how BCU university is the best for you?

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University UK was stabilized in the year 1843 and this university get the full status of a university in the year 1971. And this university ranks on the top first in the UK for better education methods, high ranking, and affordable fees. And at this present time, BCU has more than 25000 local and international students from approx 120 nationalities. BCU has two university campuses in the UK and these campuses are spread over 350 acres. 

Additionally, BCU offers more than 120 courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students while this university has a few popular and famous courses like Dentistry, Transport, Geology, Archaeology, History of Art, Architecture & Design Materials, Music American Studies, Creative Writing Drama, Dance & Cinematics Physiotherapy Tourism, Technology, Chemical Engineering, Anthropology, Travel & Heritage. 

And when you choose Birmingham City Univeristy UK. So you have to only From £5,483 to £7,013 for accommodation, shopping, and food for 39 – 51 weeks. And international students’ fees are approx from £5,700-13,200. 

So this university is affordable for all international students and Birmingham city is cheaper than other UK cities. BCU university surrounding by hills, woods, and river. And here, You can get better facilities and services. And for more discussion, you should contact Study in UK Consultants.

Benefits of Birmingham City University UK

  1. When you choose BCU university so you get world-class facilities and impressive facilities
  2. If you choose BCU so you can get scholarships 
  3. And if you choose BCU so you get a better environment for study
  4. When you choose BCU so you get an Expert teaching staff and better teaching methods
  5. When you choose Birmingham so you get a better experience. And internships from top institutes because this university has strong links with UK’s famous institutes 

Ranking of BCU

  • BCU is ranked 501st according to the Times Higher Education for World University Rankings in the year 2022. 
  • And this university gets a 4.0-star overall rating, according to the student reviews on Studyportals. Because rating is the perfect way for a university to testing

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