5 Great Things to Do in Barcelona

As we near the start of spring, people are already thinking about where they might go for their Easter vacations. Barcelona has always been a really popular destination as it warms up a little more quickly than most European cities, and in March is normally already a really pleasant place to walk around. As it’s not yet the summer, you find slightly fewer tourists here, which increases enjoyment even further. If you’re thinking about making Barcelona the next destination on your list, here are 5 things you should do in the Catalan capital:

Catch some rays 

First port of call after a long, cold winter will be getting some sunshine. At the start of March the weather might not be too warm yet, but it won’t be too cold either, and you nearly always get lots of sunshine. It’s great weather for a stroll around, and a drink on a lovely terrace. Also- don’t forget the beach! Only the more hardy folk will be swimming at this time of year, but it still makes for a beautiful walk. 

See the Sagrada Familia 

The world’s most spectacular basilica should always be at the top of your list if you’re visiting Barcelona. It really is a marvel, on the inside as much as the outside. After years of stagnation, they have hugely stepped up the building work in recent years, and Gaudí’s greatest work is due to finally be completed in 2026. This means they’re nearly there, and the enormous central column can now be seen erupting out of the center. A national treasure. 

Visit Camp Nou

Barcelona’s second most popular attraction is the stadium of FC Barcelona, Catalonia’s most famous sports team. If you have absolutely zero interest in soccer, it might not be for you, but otherwise you have to see it. The stadium is the largest in Europe, and the museum tour is absolutely fascinating. If it’s not versus Real Madrid, you’ll probably be able to get tickets for a game, and see the place in full swing.

Hit the slopes?

Not normally people’s first thought when they think of Barcelona, but the city is less than three hours from ski resorts in the Pyrenees. It’s best to travel by car, but you can reach the resort of La Molina by train or bus if you prefer. There is always snow around at the start of March, by the end of March it will depend on the weather, you might need to go a little further afield to Andorra. If you like the idea of sports but are not so keen on the snow, check out this guide for some more ideas. 

Go for a calçotada

This is a fantastic tradition that you can do in Catalonia during winter and spring. Ideally you go for a walk first to build up an appetite. Fortunately, the world’s biggest metropolitan park- Collserola, is right next to Barcelona, just past Tibidabo mountain, so you have plenty of options. Then you find a restaurant for lunch, and ask for a calçotada. They’ll start by bringing you an apron and gloves for all the mess you’ll make, so you know it’s going to be fun. Then you get brought all the barbecued calçots (a kind of leek/onion hybrid), and you strip the outer layer off, dip them into the delicious romescu sauce, and dangle them into your mouth for eating. Later you get brought tons of different meat, and you wash it all down with wine. It’s very tasty, and even more fun. 

So there you have it, Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit all year round, and somewhere you should definitely consider for your spring holidays. So book that flight, find the right apartment, and come and enjoy the Catalan capital!

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