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6 Best Cheese Board Ideas to Modernize Your Kitchen

When you have some company, it’s always nice to serve them with some appetizers and beverages with fresh nibbles before the main course comes out. One of the trouble-free ways to satisfy your guests before dinner is by serving up some fancy cheese boards topped with your favorite cheeses, meats, fruits, and more! 

But instead of thinking about a cheeseboard as just an appetizer board, think about all the different applications you can use to make it Instagrammable! Here are six unique ways to modernize your kitchen with a simple cheese board idea!

Different Types of Cheese Boards

Cheese boards are a great way to serve cheese and charcuterie aside from being great kitchen accessories. They’re also a beautiful, fun way to add some style to your kitchen. There are many types of cheese boards, depending on what you want them for and how much space you have. 

Read on for the best cheeseboard kitchen ideas for your home.

  • The Covered Cheese Board – This is the most common type of cheeseboard, and it’s perfect if you’re serving only one or two kinds of cheese in your kitchen area. 

You can find these boards in all shapes, sizes, and colors with different patterns or lines etched into them that will compliment any kitchen decor. Covered cheese boards are great if you are serving a small number of guests.

  • Wooden Boards with Stands – These are a little more elegant than covered cheeseboards because they create an eye-catching display at eye level. It’s also a great addition to kitchen ideas in terms of design.
  • Wooden Boards without Stands – This is the way to go if you don’t need something as big as the previous type. Just lay your board in front of your guests, and they can help themselves! 
  • Serving Trays – With more than two kinds of cheese, you might consider having multiple trays set up throughout the evening, so people don’t have to keep getting up from their seats. Serving trays will also serve as great kitchen accessories you can use from time to time.
  • Cheese Cutting Station – If you plan on cutting lots of slices for guests, this may be a good idea for food safety and convenience. A tray with plates, crackers, knives, and other serving utensils will ensure everyone has everything they need to enjoy your appetizer selection.
  • Designer Cheese Boards – The Lynn & Liana designs cheeseboards are another great option for displaying your cheese selection. They can be found in a variety of materials such as resins, and styles, so you can choose one that best fits the décor of your party space. 

How To Choose The Perfect Cheese Board? 

Cheeseboards are a great way to set the mood for any formal or informal occasion and add more insight to the kitchen ideas you already have. The best part is that they can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. Here is how to select the best cheese board:

  • Go with your style and taste in mind – If you like more of a rustic look, pick something with earthy tones and natural textures. If you prefer a modern look, choose something sleek and stylish. You can also consider the designing kitchen ideas you have so that the cheese board could match the overall vibe.
  • The size of the cheese board is also essential; look for something that will fit your needs and your table space; it should be at least 10×10. This gives guests plenty of room to enjoy their cheeses without getting too cramped.
  • If you’re trying to spruce up your kitchen and would like to find some new cheese board ideas, search Pinterest. There are so many distinct styles and designs that you’ll find one that fits the look of your kitchen accessories!

Top Six Cheeseboard Ideas For Kitchen Modernization

From handmade boards with beautifully designed floral patterns to rustic one-of-a-kind boards, there is something for everyone. These six picks will be a great addition if you’re looking for kitchen ideas!

  1. Large Acacia and Resin Cheese Boards as Display

Made from light but durable acacia wood, this cheese board has two grooves running lengthwise on each side to hold cheese knives. Unique and beautiful, this set of serving pieces is handcrafted from sustainably sourced Acacia timber and eco-friendly epoxy. You can easily feed a gathering of four to six with one of these cheese boards.

  1. Round Cheese Boards as Serving Trays

Serving round cheeseboards or charcuterie boards will never be one of the worst kitchen ideas. In fact, round cheese boards can elevate the overall vibe of your kitchen as it makes one of the best kitchen accessories. After all, it is very versatile and durable.

Round cheeseboards are eco-friendly and perfect for preparing a dinner party of four to five people given that the round cheese boards have a 12″ diameter.

  1. XL Wooden Cheese Boards to Serve Huge Crowd

If you want to serve a group of people, then the XL Cheese Boards are the perfect kitchen accessories for you! Usually, the dimension of an XL cheese board is 15″ x 24″ x 3/4″ (WxLxH). Excellent as a wedding, housewarming present, or even a reward for yourself. Get together with friends or family and provide your favorite munchies for a night of watching a movie or playing games.

  1. Slate Cheese Boards to Add Texture

Great for any style of décor, this black slate cheeseboard is perfect if you are hosting a cocktail party. One thing that I love about it is that it’s easy to clean since slate absorbs moisture so quickly. With three different sizes available – small, medium, and large – you’ll be able to find the right size for your occasion. 

  1. Multi-Purpose Cheese Boards

A new take on the old-school cheeseboard design! Multi-purpose cheese boards have handles on 2 opposite sides that provide a good grip when serving. It can also double as a serving tray which makes it one of the best kitchen accessories.

  1. Irregular-Shaped Agate Cheese Boards as Coaters

Agate cheese boards will make a remarkable statement at your next gathering! Because of their stunning beauty, it’s one of the best kitchen ideas to include them in your kitchen accessories. Agate cheese boards are very pretty and come in different colors. You can use them as coasters as well as most of them have been covered in a clear epoxy film to preserve the stone.

How To Clean & Maintain Them?

It is important to always clean your kitchen accessories. Clean and maintain your cheeseboards using a soft cloth with warm water and dishwashing soap. It needs thorough rinsing and drying with a dry towel. To keep your board looking new, place it on a dish towel or paper towel when not in use. 

You can also rub the boards with vegetable oil every few months for added protection. If you have dark-colored boards, they may need to be cleaned more frequently as they show grease stains easier.


Cheese boards are the ideal way to serve cheese and crackers to guests. And they make for a great centerpiece to any dinner party or gathering. 

But did you know there are many distinct ways to customize your cheese board? Whether you’re looking for simple cheeseboard ideas or more adventurous cheeseboard ideas, if you use this list, you should be able to zero in on the ideal option for your home kitchen.

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