Three Questions Before Choosing a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider?

QuickBooks cloud accounting has increasingly become standard amongst businesses. Whether a small, medium, or big business, several businesses use Best QuickBooks Hosting providers to maintain their business accounts. However, several businesses hesitate to change to cloud-hosted QuickBooks. Either they don’t know about QuickBooks hosting or are just skeptical about switching from desktop to cloud.

But if you consider the work-from-home scenarios emerging due to the pandemic, cloud hosting applications have myriads of benefits.  

Hence, if you haven’t switched to QB hosting, now is the time to do so. In this article, we will discuss what QB hosting means. And what questions you must ask your QuickBooks cloud hosting providers. So, let’s get started!

What is QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Hosting Solutions?

Normally, you download the QB software application on your office desktop. This implies your office desktop is the only source to access the application. Now, you might think switching to QBO will solve your issues regarding mobility. But this is not always a doable option! Why? Maybe you have already bought the complete software package for the QB desktop.

In such cases, QBO won’t help you. Instead, QuickBooks hosting will be the perfect option. How? Let’s find out!

QuickBooks hosting allows you to transfer all your data and files to the cloud using a third-party server. Professional QuickBooks on Cloud providers offers services to shift all your desktop data to a cloud server. This allows you to access your Vital data on hosted vdi from anywhere anytime. With QuickBooks hosting, you are not limited to your office desktop. You can access the data from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and more.

If you decide to switch to QuickBooks hosting, you need to choose the right hosting provider. How will you do that? Here’s how!

Ask These 3 Questions to QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Hosting Provider

Question 1: How many customers have you served in the past?

This must be your first question when choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider. Why, might you ask? Well, knowing how many customers a cloud hosting provider has tells you about the experience they have. The more clients, the more experience they have working with different organizations and needs. This will guarantee that they understand your specific business needs for cloud hosting QuickBooks.

  • Question 2: What Are Your Customer Support Facilities?

Maybe one fine day while you are working, you will encounter a problem. How will you get client and technical support from your cloud hosting provider? Hence, you require to ask them about their customer support services.

Do they provide 24/7 customer support 365 days a year? How do you connect with your QB provider? Do you use email, chat, or call? You need to know the ways to connect with your QB cloud hosting provider. If you find a more significant number of negative interactions, don’t choose the said cloud hosting provider.

  • Question 3: Are you an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider?

When selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider, get to know if they are Intuit-authorized. This ensures that the provider is especially qualified to provide QuickBooks services. And you will get all the assistance you require.


Apps4Rent is amongst the leading providers that offer efficient QuickBooks remote access via hosting. The firm is Intuit authorized and has won several awards for providing hassle-free hosting services. They are even specialized in providing IT consultation to companies that require help in migration services such as Office 365 to Office 365 migration with the finest migration assistance and 24X7 technical support.

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