December Umrah Packages – Things & Activities to Do in Jubail for A Fun Holiday

Jubail is an important city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, situated on the Persian Gulf coast. Furthermore, Jubail is approximately 90 kilometers from Dammam and 110 kilometers from Khobar. Al Jubail, located in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia’s Persian Gulf Coast, is sprinkled with several quiet and pristine beaches. Besides the beaches, Al Jubail is home to a number of other attractions, including Deffi Park, Jubail Mangrove Park, and the Crease Archaeological Tower. There are numerous entertaining activities to enjoy in Jubail due to the abundance of built and natural locations. There are a variety of intriguing tourist sites that are great for a day of touring with family and kids. Muslims coming to visit Saudi Arabia for the performance of Umrah must travel to this exotic place. December is the best time to visit this location therefore, you can avail of December Umrah packages along with a short stopover at Al Jubail.

There are other attractions with varying degrees of skill and risk for those looking for something a little more exhilarating. Tourists can make their selection based on their abilities and preferences. Jubail has a great deal to offer due to its placement and geography. And here’s a list of fun activities to do in Jubail that will last a lifetime:

Unwind at Al Nakheel Beach

Al Nakheel Beach, commonly called Palm Beach, is a captivating tourist destination surrounded by beautiful palm trees and magnificent beachside hotels. Scuba diving, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and parasailing are among the fascinating water activities and pastimes available to visitors. In fact, the beach is well-known for hosting the Festival of Flower and Garden every springtime. Visitors may unwind on the beach while eating at one of the surrounding food shacks or restaurants. Other stunning beaches close are Al Nakheel Beach and Aqua Park Beach and Dareen Beach. 

Strolling in Deffi Park

Deffi Park, positioned on Al Jubail’s eastern borders, is a big green space with well-kept routes, beautiful eateries, and beautiful garden sections. A kid’s playground, a well-equipped accessible gym, lounging spaces, food shops, and washrooms at frequent distances are available to visitors. The field is also a renowned picnic destination for families with children. Furthermore, throughout spring, one of Saudi Arabia’s best attractive seasons, Deffi Park becomes a breeding location for colorful aviary animals. The joyful visitors make it an appealing bird-watching tourist destination.

Visit Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall, located on Al Khamis Road, provides a vibrant shopping, eating, and interactive experience. The mall is strategically placed in Jubail’s living area and has a high volume of tourists on weekends. It has opulent architecture and a pleasant ambiance. The mall features well-known worldwide businesses as well as global culinary franchises. It also contains a specially built kid’s amusement area. The mall has Vox Cinemas for the newest movies, a market for low-cost shopping, and a large food court for casual meals.

Take Part in Water Activities at Al Fanateer Beach

Fanateer Beach is a beautiful mix of azure and sparkling blue ocean and white sandy beach. The beach is home to a number of beachfront resorts, rendering it a popular tourist destination in Jubail. Fanateer Beach offers a variety of interesting water activities, including snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing, speed boats, fishing, diving, as well as cruise trips. Visitors may also relax on the beach by renting a lounge chair with an umbrella. The beach also has leisure areas, bathrooms, and well-equipped changing areas to ensure that all guests have a good day.

Visit Al Tawia Historical Tower

King Abdulaziz erected the Al Tawia Historical Tower in 1929 to protect Al Tawia. Prior to the excavation of artesian wells, this well was the primary supplier of water for the Jubail people. The Al Tawia Tower, one of Jubail’s most significant ancient landmarks, presents Jubail’s background and heritage in a distinctive manner. Because of its historic construction and rural location, Al Tawia Historical Tower is a prominent stop on Jubail’s route.

When Is the Great Time and Season to Visit Jubail?

The ideal months to travel to Jubail are December, January, and February since the temperature drops to 22 degrees Celsius throughout these months, making it fairly pleasant to travel, visit sights, and engage in leisure pursuits. As a seaside city, the mean maximum temperature stays below 30 degrees Celsius from November to April, while the lowest temperature lowers below 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the temperature begins to climb in April, reaching 39 degrees Celsius before gradually declining until December. Jubail is a coastal town and hence has a pleasant climate all year. Therefore, from March to September, the temperature can climb substantially during the day. Jubail, on the other hand, receives significant rainfall from November to April. Jubail certainly has a lot of excitement in store for you. This is the place to go, particularly if you enjoy beaches and playgrounds.

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