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Find Best Best Apartments For Sale in Qatar

You have decided that is time to move on and buy your own apartment in Qatar. And you start imagining what you would want from your ideal apartments for sale?. Could it be the generous space of your apartment?. Or, maybe, you already feel the kind sun and breeze touching your skin. while you are spending the afternoon on your peaceful terrace?

Perhaps, you would feel like your flat will be exquisitely furnished. And the natural and luxurious materials simply fill you with joy?. Maybe you would like to get a generous ROI out of your investment in this flat?

You can have it all, we can have your dream home if you choose to work with us.

Our Recommendation for you to Buy a Property in Qatar. Now is The Best Time

Now more than ever is a proper time to buy and invest. Once foreigners are allowed to buy properties in Qatar. Secondly, the luxury real estate market in this region is expected to be stable, regardless of. What happens across the world with similar markets.

You are a foreigner and you wonder where you can buy the best apartment in Qatar?
You are in the right place. We have an exquisite collection of around 40 superb apartments for sale in the safest and most exclusive areas of Qatar ( Doha, The Pearl, Lusail).

Good to Know Before you Buy! Freehold Areas in Qatar

Last year, the legislation there was more permissive for foreigners. And expatriates, to buy properties in specific areas of the country. At the present there are 10 areas for freehold ownership, the other 16 are for concession for 99 years. Properties for sale for ex-pats are in several areas of Doha. On the Pearl, and of course in the newest city of Qatar, Lusail.

Only in 2019 other several investive or administrative regions allowed for ex-pat ownership. Areas like Qatifiya (West Bay), Al Khor Resort the Pearl area, the Al Qasar area (the administrative area), Al Dafna, Onaiza, Al Wasil, Khraij, Jabal Thaileb, and Rawadat Al-Jahaniyah.

In case it is challenging for you to choose the best option for you, we are here to assist you.

Generous Space and Various Furnishing Levels for all the Flats for Sale in Qatar

If you wonder what to expect from the apartments for sale in Qatar, well. We offer the best, most suitable properties for you. Our property listing consists of studios, as well as 4 rooms and 4 baths apartments, both fully furnished or unfurnished.

All the properties we have selected for you are spacious and luminous, the large properties, are provided with exterior facilities accordingly ( balconies and even terraces). Even some of the unfurnished flats or studios for sale are provided with modern home appliances.

How Much Does an Apartment Cost in Qatar? Range Price for Properties for Sale and Examples
If you have decided to buy an apartment in Qatar, you should expect to invest over 1 million QAR, in a studio version. But the price of a property depends very much on area, on size, whether it is furnished or not, and the finesse of finishing and furniture.

Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments for Sale in Qatar

For example, within our portfolio, you may choose a generous studio with Marina View (71 sqm), fully furnished, on The Pearl – Porto Arabia, which is sold for a bit over QAR 1,000,000. In the same area, but in the vicinity of Kempinski Hotel, one bedroom apartment, unfurnished but with an enormous balcony cost around QAR 1,500,000.

One of the most inviting properties for sale within our listings is a 4 bedroom, 4 baths, and maid room penthouse of QAR 10,000,000. It is simply spectacular with its eclectic style, between sophisticated western architecture and lavishness of 1001 Arabian nights, superb, state of art furniture, and amenities for a luxury lifestyle. Definitely, a long-term, secured, investment!

Saakin Qatar has the best property options for sale and If you need consultancy related to real estate in Qatar, we are here for you to choose the best for you.

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