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Gojek Clone Script and The New Features In Malaysia

Heard about the Gojek Clone Script App? It is an on-demand app that offers more than 82 services on a single platform. Other than an array of services, this mobile app is easy-to-use. Customers of all ages can use the app to find a relevant service to satisfy their needs! But have you ever wondered what goes behind the app development process? Entrepreneurs use the Gojek Clone App In Malaysia to develop and launch this app. 

What Is a Clone App Script In Malaysia? 

The clone app script is the replica of an existing app like Gojek. The clone app script is the code file of the app that includes pre-integrated services and features. The developers reuse the code for different projects and build unique apps for the business. The dedicated iPhone and Android app developers construct the apps:

  1. Integrate your preferred language along with suitable local payment gateways and currencies. 
  2. The development team matches the color theme of your apps with the brand’s name and logo. 
  3. They ensure that your app, website, and various web panels are optimized and work smoothly on different devices. 

In short, the app development team at the white-labeling firm delivers you a unique app with tons of features! Let’s learn about the features pre-integrated in the Gojek Clone script of the user, driver, and admin apps. 

Reliable and Powerful Features of Gojek-like App In Malaysia

Below-mentioned is the entire list of features available in the on-demand multi-service app. 

User app

Features of the user app are: 

  • Video call option: the customers can place a video call with the taxi or delivery driver. The video call option, in addition to in-app voice calls and chatting, allows the customers to communicate better with the service provider. 
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning: this feature allows the customers to login into the app easily. Also, they now no longer have to remember the usernames and passwords!
  • Multiple credit card management: this feature lets customers manage numerous credit cards on the multi-service app and smoothly pay for the booked services. 

Driver app 

The Gojek Clone script In Malaysia has many features specifically curated for the drivers like: 

  • Back-to-back trips: taxi or moto drivers can now accept rides while on an ongoing ride. Back-to-back trips help them to complete more rides, make more money, and waste less time waiting for requests. 
  • Taxi fare calculation: the fare is calculated automatically depending on the time and distance of the ride. The fare calculation feature makes it easier for the driver to make money without negotiating with the passengers. 
  • Easy navigation: the on-demand app solution has an easy-to-use mobile navigation system that shows the fastest routes to reach the customer’s location and complete the delivery/trip. 

Admin dashboard 

Here are all the features present on the admin dashboard: 

  • God eye view: the Gojek Clone app admin can easily view all the service providers on the map and see their status as empty or busy. 
  • Manage profiles: the app admin can manage user profiles and service providers’! 
  • Earning reports: only the app admin can access earning reports and analytics.  


In conclusion, if you are looking for the perfect business solution to kickstart your venture this year, then purchasing the Gojek Clone script In Malaysia will be beneficial. Take a look at the demo app to understand it yourself! 

See what advantages it brings to the table. Remember, before purchasing the app, try the demo app at least once!

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