High-Paying Job Opportunities for Travel & Tourism Courses in India

What is the scope of the Travel & Tourism Sector? Is it a good decision to choose Travel & Tourism as a career in 2022?

More often than not, many questions arise in the minds of the students regarding the job opportunities, stability, future growth prospects, skill sets required & some of the best ways to land a high-paying job in the Tourism Sector.

In this article, let us discuss the most Frequently Asked Questions about a career in Tourism in 2022.

Industry – Overview

Since the beginning of time, travel has been deeply embedded in human DNA. So much so, that it has shaped our entire history, culture & how the world has evolved for hundreds of years.

As a result, travel has been a critical element in shaping global economies for hundreds of years, and that is why, even after a major pandemic nearly halved the Tourism sector’s overall market cap, the industry was able to quickly rebound and turn profitable.

Currently, the tourism industry has been displaying magical numbers & has been increasingly creating more & more job opportunities for professionals in airlines, hospitality, event management, content creation & many more sectors.

How to start a career?

While starting out with your career, there can be a lot of confusion & career-related questions may arise that need professional guidance. There are several courses that you can pursue that provide you with the resources & exposure necessary to acquire the skills. Those skills help you to get hired by big Travel & Tourism organizations like AirAsia, GoAir, Emirates Airlines, IndiGo & Hospitality organizations, Travel Agencies, Event Planning Agencies, etc.

There are several courses related to Travel & Tourism that you can choose from. Read till the end to see our recommendation on the best Travel & Tourism Courses in India in 2022.

Travel & Tourism Management – Introduction & Career Scope

Some soft skills that a Travel & Tourism Professional needs to develop are as follows:

ResponsibilityGood communication skills
Team spiritConfidence
DisciplineBe committed and dedicated to a task
Outgoing and pleasant personalityWillingness to work long and odd hours
Polite demeanorCreativity
Customer-oriented approachAbility to multitask
Ability to adjust to a crowd/ different circumstancesGood Listener

If you are someone who likes to interact with people from different backgrounds, collaborate with them & solve customer problems to make travel smoother, this is the perfect profession for you to choose.

According to edumilestones, these are the set of qualities a Tourism Professional mut possess to succeed in his/her career.

  • Travel and tourism management equips you to work in a travel agency, a hotel, an airport, or any other hospitality-focused locale.
  • Specialise in different types of tours such as tours to museums, corporate houses and industries, historical places, theme parks and amusement parks.
  • Be knowledgeable of attractive places, historical moments, right information and specialities of different areas.
  • They have practical communication skills for a productive conversation with tourists.
  • Prepare itineraries for the tourists based on their schedule.
  • Provide help and guidance regarding transportation, food, restaurants, hotels and shopping areas.
  • Prepare travel packages for outstation tours.
  • Have an awareness of necessary safety measures to deal with emergent situations.
  • Have a warm-hearted, lively, confident and a welcoming personality.

Why should you choose a Travel & Tourism Career in 2022?

“ As per the latest release by WTTC, the sector contributed $9.2 trillion to the global economy in 2019, before the pandemic wreaked havoc. In 2020, however, there was a massive drop of 49.1 percent, representing a loss of nearly $4.5 trillion. However, The travel and tourism sector’s contribution to the global economy could reach $8.6 trillion this year, just 6.4 percent behind pre-pandemic levels. – The Indian Express”

The Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality sector are quickly expanding, demanding a large number of highly skilled individuals to keep up with demand.

Once you acquire the skills & technical knowledge, you get to choose from a lot of well-paid jobs at propernewstime. Some of them are:

  1. Travel Consultant
  2. Destination Expert
  3. Hotel Manager
  4. Luxury Travel Advisor
  5. Cabin Crew, and many more

Topics that need to be mastered for a Travel/Tourism Job

Just like all the other industries that provide maximum scope of growth, the Travel & Tourism sector is also a high-expertise field. This means for anyone who is looking forward to getting inside this sector, he/she must have theoretical plus practical knowledge about many different sub-categories of the sector.

Let us mention some of the sub-categories that one needs to be knowledgeable about in order to excel at a Tourism Job:

  1. Fundamentals of Tourism
  2. Travel Geography
  3. Destination Management & Costing
  4. International Air Fare Calculation
  5. Business Communication, etc.

Although, there are many other sub-topics that you need to have hands-on knowledge about, these are some of the most crucial & job-defining subjects you will have to spend your time achieving mastery over.

What are the expected Salary Packages?

A fresher can earn a salary of between INR 2.4 LPA and INR 3.6 LPA. As you gain experience, you may be eligible for compensation packages of up to 20 LPA and even more than that. These changes are based on your area of knowledge and the level of skill you have. In general, Tourism employee has numerous possibilities to demonstrate his or her abilities and advance in their career at a rapid pace.

There are several courses & diploma programs that enable the students to get hands-on experience in the sector & some of the institutes also provide internship programs for their students so that they get real Industry exposure.


If you are someone who is passionate about tourism, if teamwork is your way to go, if problem-solving is what gives you purpose & Tourism Sector awaits you with various job roles & huge growth potential.

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