How CBSE Board Is Different From State Board?

The curriculum or the academic board you choose for your children plays a significant role in deciding their future. It determines the subjects they will learn, the teaching methodology they will get, and the future scope of their schooling. Most parents opt for universally recognized school boards; it is an ideal option as it opens the doors of international opportunities for your child. If you also have school-going children, ensure you pick the best CBSE School Bangalore for them. Why CBSE? Let us find out. 

There are multiple curriculum options available, out of which CBSE is the most preferred amongst parents. Most of the international schools near Varthur follow this curriculum plan. Their academic results and the excellence of their students in additional activities speaks volumes about the significance of choosing the CBSE board. Let us discuss how this board is different and better than the state boards. 

Features that make CBSE better than state boards

Strategic Academic Approach

The academic approach or the teaching methodology followed under CBSE is strategic enough to design a fruitful future for children. They understand that young children may not like to study or stay bound to the walls of a classroom. Hence, they follow an approach that keeps the studying pattern interesting for children, so they feel comfortable and involved in school. State boards, at the same time, lack this strategy and don’t pay heed to develop an interest in children. 

Subject Options

CBSE offers varied subject options, covering the languages that hold international significance. Children can opt for French, German, and other options as an additional language to avail the global opportunities. Parents who want to send their children overseas for higher education can benefit from it, as this will act as the pre-preparation. The best part is that Hindi gets equal importance and is emphasized much so that the students remain grounded. You wouldn’t find these options in state boards, giving CBSE an edge over them. 

Holistic Development

CBSE focuses on the holistic development of every child by providing opportunities in sports and extracurricular activities. You can expect separate societies for fine arts and varied sports to give children a fair chance to excel in the field of their interest. Holistic development is integral to the CBSE curriculum strategy, but it is not the scenario with state boards. They do not emphasize these activities as much as CBSE, thus depriving children of an opportunity to do better in fields other than studies. 

Universal Presence

CBSE is a universally recognized curriculum option, and you can conveniently find the best CBSE School in Bangalore or any other part of the globe. It makes your relocation plans easy and stress-free as you only have to choose the right school, and the transition will be smooth. However, if you pick a state board for your child, the relocation will become a challenge after changing the place. Your child will have a completely new environment to adjust to. Their curriculum and school will definitely change, and with the change in academics, your child will find it challenging to learn and unlearn the concepts he studied in the previous school.

Multiple factors make CBSE a better option than the state boards in India. So, if you are also a parent looking for the best educational facilities for your child, it is better to opt for this curriculum plan. Understand that choosing the board will only benefit you if you choose the best international school. Start looking for the best international schools providing this curriculum option and filter them based on different constraints. You should keep the market reputation, school amenities, and other details in mind to decide which would be an apt option to enrol your child. Make the right decision as it will have a lifelong impact on your children.

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